Requesting VPN access

With more users working remotely, the IT Help Desk is receiving a large number of requests for VPN access.  Our VPN infrastructure is unable to support a large number of concurrent users and we need to ensure users who require the VPN to access critical systems are able to connect.

Luckily, most users do not require VPN access. TitanWeb/TitanAdmin, HRS, SFS, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and many other systems are available to remote workers and does not require a VPN connection.  Specialized applications such as StarRez and TMA are not accessible from off campus and will require VPN to connect.

Requests for VPN access for S: and U: drive access cannot not be accepted at this time. Users should utilize OneDrive for file storage and access.

VPN requests should be sent to the IT Help Desk. They will be reviewed and prioritized by need.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!