If you get an email with the subject UW BadgerPay Enrollment Confirmation, possibly from 3rdnationalbank and with a UW Login Validation Link, DO NOT click on the link. It is a phishing scam. This phish will not attempt to get your login credentials, since it is a test from the UW System IT security team, but it is still best practice to not click on the link and to delete the message.

It’s a sad day when you can’t trust Bucky Badger.

This phish was caught by an alert employee who forwarded it to the IT Help Desk for verification that it was legit. Within an hour IT staff had tested the link on a “safe” computer that we keep for these situations and reported it as a scam. If you come across an email you’re not sure of, please contact the Help Desk, so we can test it before you lose any data.

Thank you.