Classroom technology updates for Fall 2017:

  • All teacher workstations are dual boot iMacs with updated software.

  • The login routine is the same as last year.

Ten of the general access classrooms have new audiovisual equipment: new projector, new amplifier, new media player, new control panel and NO VHS players. Those spaces are as follows:

  • Halsey Science Center 202, 208, 237, 260, 268, 270

  • Halsey Science Center 367, 456, 457

  • Swart Hall 101

VHS players are omitted due to incompatibility and inability to purchase that technology reliably. Polk Library is very accommodating in finding updated material in a format all of our general access classrooms support. You can also contact the Student Technology Center in Polk 5 for assistance with media conversion.

Some spaces did not get entirely new audiovisual equipment, but did get new projectors, those spaces are:

  • Arts and Communication Center N211

  • Halsey Science Center 310

  • Nursing Education Center 029, 038, 039A, 039B, 041

  • Nursing Education Center 212, 229

  • Swart Hall 003, 005, 013

  • Swart Hall 102, 302, 325

All of the aforementioned spaces have new 5,000 lumen laser projectors installed, which should increase the amount of up-time in classrooms. Please remember to turn off the projector if there isn’t an instructor or class after yours.

Visit our website at to get classroom technology information (, including updated photos of classrooms, as well as information about the other services ( IT has to offer.

If you’d like to make an appointment to meet with someone from Classroom Support to go over the changes or general operations of the classroom you will be using, please email us at or call 920-424-3020. Please let us know what you think if you teach in any of those spaces, we welcome your feedback!