All six general access computer labs received a good cleaning and software updates. A list of the lab software is available in KnowledgeBase article 57893 – With the introduction of software management systems (MSC and SCCM), administrative rights and Deep Freeze were removed from the computers. We expect this will shorten startup time and avoid software update notifications and errors.

The following labs had more notable changes this summer:

  • Halsey Lab – We installed two types of multi-function printers: the Ricoh MP 5054 and the Ricoh MP 6503. We also moved their location a bit in hopes to alleviate the bottleneck that often happens in Halsey Lab. We hope that these printers provide better, faster service for students. One additional service is the ability to scan to email.
  • Sage Lab – We installed new desktop mini computers (HP EliteDesk 800 G2 DMs) which mount to the back of the monitors, leaving more workspace for students, per their request.
  • Swart Lab – We converted to an all iMac space. Most of the open lab will be Mac only for an operating system. There are four dual boot iMacs in the open lab. The Teaching Lab is set up identically to classroom computers, with Mac and Windows operating systems.

We sincerely hope that these changes and updates make for a more productive semester. If you’d like to make an appointment to meet with someone from Classroom Support to go over the changes or general operations of the computer lab you will be using, please email us at or call 920-424-3020.