If you are just starting with D2L, interested in increasing your use, or just need to brush up on your skills, you should find these sessions helpful.  Each session will focus on one or two specific tools in D2L.  Feel free to attend all or just pick the sessions that will be most beneficial to you.
Session Descriptions can be found below.  To review dates and times or to register for a session, please see our Registration Page.

NOTE: All sessions will be held in the IDEA Lab, Polk 7

D2L News and Content – The Basics

This session will lead participants on a tour of the D2L environment.  Users will also be given the opportunity to add and manage News items and use a variety of methods for adding course materials to the Content section of D2L.  If you are just getting started, this session will introduce you to the basics necessary to have a successful start to the semester.

D2L Discussions
Online discussions are one of the best methods for building a community of learners.  This session will help participants create large and small group discussions, as well as discussing the many options available in this valuable tool.

D2L Grades and Dropboxes

The Grades section is the #1 tool students wished their instructors used more often.  This session will help participants build a grading structure that will work for their course.  The role of dropboxes and their interaction with the Grades tool will also be discussed.

D2L Quizzes

The quiz tool may be one of the best learning tools available in D2L, however, it is often the most misunderstood.  This session will work to demystify quizzes by helping participant quickly add large numbers of questions and organize those questions so they can be easily accessible in any quiz.

The Turnitin application allows instructors to check the originality of student written assignments.  It also makes marking up student submissions an easy task providing the ability to go completely paperless.  
To review dates and times or to register for a session, please see our Registration Page.