We have received reports of phone calls made to campus staff by someone impersonating HP Managed Print Services representatives. They are offering special discounts on toner. The caller then asks for your P-card (campus credit card) information.

Please do not provide your P-card information. HP will never call and ask you for credit card information. All printers enrolled through HP Managed Print Services have already paid for toner upfront with the contract. There is no additional cost. If your printer is not covered under HP Managed Print Services, please do not order toner over the phone, except through the State Contract vendor.

If you would like to learn more about campus Managed Print Service, you can do so from the IT website at https://www.uwosh.edu/it/managed-print-services/. You can also get more information about phone scams to watch out for at FTC Consumer Information on Phone Scams.

Laura Knaapen
Director of IT User Services
UW Oshkosh