Academic and Course Information

Degree-seeking students are assigned an Academic Advisor or Faculty Advisor prior to arriving at UW Oshkosh. Students meet with advisors to discuss course options, plan course enrollment, discuss academic needs and create a plan for timely graduation. With proper planning and a close relationship to the advisor, students can maximize their success each semester!


International Student Services
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UW Oshkosh has 14-week Spring and Fall semesters plus optional 3-week interim terms. Students may also enroll during one or both 4-week summer sessions.


  • Fall Semester
    Early September through mid-December
  • January Interim
    Optional three-week course period in January
  • Spring Semester
    Early February through mid-May
  • May Interim – Optional three-week course period in May and June
  • Summer I
    Mid-June through mid-July
  • Summer II
    Mid-July through early August

Course Details 

Course Registration

Your UW Oshkosh Academic Advisor will enroll you in your first semester courses to ensure that you take the correct courses for your major during your first semester.

During formal orientation at UW Oshkosh, your advisor will meet with you to discuss the courses that you will take.  You will also learn how to enroll in courses for future semesters during orientation.


Information listed in academic bulletins are very detailed and important, but can be difficult to understand – even for native speakers of English.

The information is new to most students and can seem complicated. But, because this is very important, do your best to read and understand!

Schedule of Classes

Many courses offered during the regular semester meet for one hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or for 1.5 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Minimum/Maximum Course Enrollment and Study Hours

All students must maintain full-time enrollment equal to a minimum of 12 credits during the 14-week semester. The interim terms CANNOT be used to meet the 14-week enrollment requirements. Students may enroll in a maximum of 18 credits without paying additional tuition, or in 19-21 credits with additional tuition fees for the final three credits.

Courses will require a LOT of homework, including reading, writing and group work. For every hour you spend in class, you will spend a MINIMUM of three additional hours outside of class doing homework. In other words, if you are in class for three hours each week, you must plan an additional 9 hours EACH WEEK for homework for that class. Full time enrollment means 12 hours per week in class, plus 36 hours per week of homework. For non-native speakers of English, the number of homework hours is usually much higher.


Some courses are offered as “stand-alone” courses – these courses do NOT require that you complete another course first in order to understand the material.

Other courses are offered “in sequence”. These courses require that you complete another course first; these “first” courses are “pre-requisites” to the later courses. You may NOT enroll in a course which has pre-requisites UNLESS you have completed the prerequisite course AND completion of the prerequisite course is recorded in TitanWeb. Occasionally, instructor permission can be granted to enroll in courses where a prerequisite course has not yet been completed.

Fall and Spring Interim Courses

UW Oshkosh students may take three additional credits by enrolling during the optional “interim” terms in January and May. Most, but not all, courses offered during the interim period meet for between 2 to 4 hours per day Monday through Friday.

Course Capacity

There is a maximum number of students who can enroll for each course. Therefore, register on or immediately after your enrollment date. If a course is full, no additional students may register. Some departments allow waiting lists. If a course is full, enroll in an alternative required course.

Course Levels

Each course has a name and a number. The name tells you which department offers the course. The number tells you the level of difficulty.

  • 100-199 1st-year (First year-students) courses
  • 200-299 2nd-year (sophomore) courses
  • 300-399 3rd-year (junior) courses
  • 400-499 4th-year (senior) courses
  • 500-700 graduate level courses (undergraduates may not enroll)
Course Catalog vs Time Table

All courses approved for offer at UW Oshkosh are listed in the Course Catalog. The Catalog includes course descriptions and tells you about required pre-requisites. However, it does not tell you WHICH courses are offered each semester.

The Course Time Table in TitanWeb tells you which courses will be offered each term, what days of the week, and what times of the day.

Titan Web HELP

TitanWeb is our student registration system. Students can update their address, view tuition balances, register for classes and more through TitanWeb.


If you have questions, cannot find information or cannot enter information, view the TitanWeb HELP page. 


International Student Services
Dempsey Hall, Room 201

+1 (920) 424-2283