Reeve Union Board (RUB)

Reeve Union Board is a student-run organization that provides quality programming while entertaining and appealing to a wide campus audience. Working with funds from students, Reeve Union Board organizes and executes large events including homecoming, major concerts and comedians, movies and other special events. With four committees, it’s easy to select and get involved in each specific area of interest and for students to grow, lead and have fun!

Mission and Vision

Mission – Reeve Union Board provides campus with a variety of quality entertainment while fostering an atmosphere of learning, leadership development and social interaction.

Vision – Reeve Union Board will touch the lives of the entire campus community by creating an environment of fun, inclusiveness and leadership development through our programs.

Why Join Reeve Union Board? – Reeve Union Board is a great student organization to join and it offers a variety of ways to share your talents and learn from new experiences. Examples include:

  • Helping plan, execute and participate in large events on campus
  • Networking with industry professionals
  • Meeting new people and establishing lasting friendships
  • Becoming a leader and learning life skills
  • Getting involved and building your resume
  • Being yourself, laughing and having fun

Looking for co-sponsorship? Reeve Union Board has funds available to co-sponsor events with other student groups.  Email to learn more.

Reeve Union Board no longer hosts official membership meetings. To be more inclusive, accessible and convenient to student schedules, we have shifted to an office hour model. Come find us in the Reeve Union Student Involvement Area in office 102A (look for the duck on the window). If you would like to join, please stop by! We would love to get to know more about you and explain more about who we are. If you have general questions, or we are not in the office, please email us at, and we will get in contact with you. Reeve Union Board has a rolling enrollment, so it is never too late to join!


Crafty Adventures – Planning hands-on arts and crafts activities, and trips.

EntertainmentPlanning and advertising of movies in the Reeve Union Theatre, and bringing performers to campus such as comedians, magicians, slam poets, hypnotists, and more.

Live Music – Programs a variety of musical acts through the Local Live Music Night series, coffee house music events, the annual Battle of the Bands competition and the end-of-the-year celebration, Bye Gosh Fest.

Special Events – Coordinates two major traditional event weeks on campus each year—Homecoming and Winter Carnival.

Meet the Exec Board




Major: Biology

Fun fact: I have been to every state east of the Mississippi River!


Live Music


Major: Elementary Education

Fun fact: I drink a lot of coffee and enjoy going on coffee dates with my friends.


Media: Production


Major: Radio/TV/Film

Fun fact: I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old.


Crafty Adventures


Major: Communications

Fun fact: I’ve been to Disney World over 15 times.


Vice President


Major: Human Resources

Fun fact: I love to travel.


Special Events


Major: Medical Technology

Fun fact: Can play the piano (kind of).


Media: Communications


Major: Marketing

Fun fact: I have a cute pup named Eddie and I absolutely LOVE corgis!




Major: Undecided

Fun fact: I enjoy meeting new people!

Student Engagement and Campus Life
  • Reeve Union, First Floor
  • 920 424-0847


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