Clubs and Organizations

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Joining the UW Oshkosh fraternity/sorority community will provide you with the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and become involved on campus and throughout the Fox Valley community. The men and women in the fraternity/sorority community pride themselves in participating in experiences that highlight outstanding Leadership, Service, Scholarship, Friendship and Character. They also pride themselves in learning how to live a values-based life throughout college and beyond. Membership in a fraternity or sorority helps foster special friendships and creates many valuable networks to help you succeed in college.

Student Governance is dedicated to providing a medium for students to voice their concerns and opinions. These organizations, by serving as the voice of the student body, provide student representation on various university committees and have the opportunity to represent the student perspective on a variety of campus issues. Through these organizations, students become engaged in activities that enhance their educational experience.

Reeve Union Board is a student-run organization that provides quality programming while entertaining and appealing to a wide campus audience. Working with funds from students, RUB organizes and executes large events including homecoming, major concerts and comedians, movies and other special events. With four committees, it’s easy to select and get involved in each specific area of interest and for students to grow, lead and have fun!

Reeve Union has a variety of resources, forms and policies to help enhance your overall experience. Can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the specific office or location and we are happy to help!

Student Engagement and Campus Life
  • Reeve Union, First Floor
  • 920 424-0847