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Arthur Chapple Study Abroad Scholarship

Up to two scholarships may be awarded annually.


The Chapple Scholarship is designed to promote study abroad experiences by UW Oshkosh Students majoring in either History or International Studies. It will be awarded to students in either of these majors who are enrolled to participate in a UW Oshkosh sponsored study abroad program, with the funds awarded to be used for the study abroad experience.

This scholarship is available for study abroad programs in either Fall or Spring Interim, in semester-long programs in either semester, or in summer study abroad programs. The amount awarded varies.



The applicant must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and have completed at least 15 credits in their major, with a 3.0 GPA in their major, and must be majoring in either History or International Studies.



To be eligible, students must submit an application via Academic Works.

The application consists of a 500-1000 word essay explaining how the specific study abroad program relates to and enhances their major and their coursework in the major. It also includes supporting documentation to verify the study abroad and eligibility requirements.


Due Dates:

Refer to Academic Works for scholarship deadlines.


Award Recipient Selection Process:

Applications will be reviewed and awardees selected by the Chair of the History Department and the Director of the International Studies Program, acting jointly. They will verify eligibility and select recipients whose essays demonstrate how their study abroad programs relate to and enhance their majors and their coursework in the majors.

In the event that two awards are granted to Fall applicants, Spring applications will be considered only if additional funds are available.


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