Asian Studies Minor


Required Credits

A minimum of 24 credits is required to complete the Asian Studies minor.

Required Courses

59-402 Seminar in International Studies or 
59-403 Honors: Seminar in International Studies

Other Requirements

Students must complete 21 additional credits from courses in the Asian Studies course list. Of these 21 credits, 12 credits must come from upper-level courses within three of the departments specified in the Asian Studies course list.

Additionally, 15 credits out of these 21 required credits must represent courses in general Asian, South Asian or East Asian studies.

Students in this minor are encouraged to consider studying the Japanese language.

Asian Studies Courses

Anthropology 318 – Peoples and Cultures of Southern Asia
Anthropology 326 – Peoples and Cultures of Oceania
Art 317 – Art History, Art of India, China, and Japan
Economics 319 – Economics of Less Developed Countries
English 238 – Introduction to the Literature of India
English 239 – Introduction to Chinese Literature
English 240 – Introduction to Japanese Literature
Japanese 204 – Intermediate Reading (Japanese)
Geography 347 – Asia-Pacific
History 348 – Ancient and Medieval India
History 349 – Modern India
History 351 – Gender in Indian History
History 375 – Traditional Japan
History 376 – Modern Japan
History 377 – Traditional China
History 378 – Modern China
International Studies 308 – Revolution and Development
International Studies 309 – Honors: Revolution and Development
International Studies 312 – Understanding Japan
Philosophy 211 – Philosophy in India
Philosophy 221 – Philosophy in China
Philosophy 223 – Honors: Philosophy in China
Political Science 311 – East Asian Politics
Political Science 339 – Political Economy of Asia
Religious Studies 221 – The Hindu Tradition
Religious Studies 222 – Buddhism
Religious Studies 240 –  Islam
Religious Studies 335 – Chinese Religion
Religious Studies 337 – Japanese Religion
Religious Studies 340 – Hindu Myth and Ritual
Religious Studies 354 – Buddhist Myth and Ritual


Note: Courses which satisfy the credit requirements of this minor also count toward an International Studies Major, enabling students to combine the two into a package of complementing specializations. 


Progression Forms

Asian Studies Progression Form 
Blank Area Studies Minor Progression Form