African Studies Minor

Required Credits

A minimum of 24 credits is required to complete the African Studies minor.

Required Courses

59-402 Seminar in International Studies or 
59-403 Honors: Seminar in International Studies

Other Requirements

Students must complete 20 additional credits from courses in the African Studies course list.

Additionally, students must include at least one course from four different departments within the list. Students in this minor are encouraged to consider studying the French language.

African Studies Courses

Anthropology 322 – Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Anthropology 330 – Culture Change in Modern Africa
Anthropology 332 – Magic and Religion
Anthropology 348 – Economy, Nature and Culture
Anthropology 352 – Old World Archaeology
Economics 319 – Economics of Less Developed Countries
Economics 420 – International Trade and Finance
Economics 421 – Honors: International Trade and Finance
English 358 – Post Colonial Literature: Optional Content
English 367 – African Literature
Geography 353 – Sub-Saharan Africa
Geography 354 – Middle East and North Africa
History 359 – Africa: 1800-Present
History 360 – South Africa: 1652-Present
History 383 – Traditional Middle East, 330-1789
History 384 – Modern Middle East, 1789-1979
International Studies 308 – Revolution and Development
International Studies 309 – Honors: Revolution and Development
International Studies 341 – Multinational Corporations in the International System
Religious Studies 240  Islam

African Studies Resources

Check back soon for an updated list of African Studies resources!

Note: Courses which satisfy the credit requirements of this minor also count toward an International Studies major, enabling students to combine the two into a package of complementing specializations. 


Progression Forms

African Studies Progression Form 
Blank Area Studies Minor Progression Form