Disciplinary Emphases

The International Studies program offers 11 disciplinary emphases. These allow students to become a specialist in the international aspects of a particular discipline.

A disciplinary emphasis works best when combined with a minor in the discipline (History, Political Science, etc). Given that several courses may count towards the International Studies major and a disciplinary minor, students are encouraged to pursue these minors.

Students must complete five upper-level courses from the disciplines included in Course List 2.


Course Distribution and Progression Forms

EmphasisCourse DistributionProgression
Blank FormBlank Distribution FormBlank Progression Form
Int. Studies-AnthropologyAnthropology DistributionAnthropology Progression
Int. Studies-ArtArt DistributionArt Progression
Int. Studies-EconomicsEconomics DistributionEconomics Progression
Int. Studies-EnglishEnglish DistributionEnglish Progression
Int. Studies-FrenchFrench DistributionFrench Progression
Int. Studies-GermanGerman Progression
Int. Studies-SpanishSpanish DistributionSpanish Progression
Int. Studies-GeographyGeography DistributionGeography Progression
Int. Studies-HistoryHistory DistributionHistory Progression
Int. Studies-Political SciencePolitical Science DistributionPolitical Science Progression
Int. Studies-Religious StudiesReligious Studies DistributionReligious Studies Progression

Please contact your International Studies advisor to explore your options, maximize the many interrelated majors and minors and to ensure that these are completed in time. The earlier you connect with your advisor, the more options you can pursue.