Regional Studies Emphases

The International Studies program offers four Regional Studies as emphases or minors. These focus primarily upon the study of a geographic region, its language, culture, religions, history and role within international affairs.

To complete a Regional Studies emphasis, students must choose 15 credits (5 courses) from the respective options available under Course List 3.


Course Distribution and Progression Forms

EmphasisCourse DistributionProgression
Blank FormBlank Distribution FormBlank Progression Form
Int. Studies-African StudiesAfrican Studies DistributionAfrican Studies Progression
Int. Studies-Asian StudiesAsian Studies DistributionAsian Studies Progression
Int. Studies-European StudiesEuropean Studies DistributionEuropean Studies Progression
Int. Studies-Latin American StudiesLatin American Studies DistributionLatin American Studies Progression

Please contact your International Studies advisor to explore your options, maximize the many interrelated majors and minors and ensure that these are completed in time. The earlier you connect with your advisor, the more options you can pursue.