Honors Course List

Some International Studies courses may be taken for credit in the University Honors College. International Studies majors in the Honors College can enroll in the courses below and have them count towards both the major and the Honors College.

59-228 Honors: Diplomatic Practice

Study of and practical experience in the techniques of international and global diplomacy, utilizing role playing to provide direct experience. The course focuses on the methods by which international diplomacy is conducted, with particular emphasis on multilateral settings in international organizations.

Prerequisite: International Studies 205 and either Geography 102 or Political Science 115 or consent of instructor. Students are allowed to repeat twice and count the course toward the major and toward graduation up to three times. (Fall)

59-309 Honors: Revolution and Development

Analysis of socio-cultural diversity, economic underdevelopment, and political instability as problems in nation building. Formulation of strategies to promote national integration and development. Case studies and role playing.

Prerequisite: International Studies 205 and two courses from Economics 206, 207, and Political Science 115, and at least 9 units (crs.) of upper division (300 or 400 level) courses from International Studies Course List 2, or consent of instructor. 308/508 (Fall)

59-403 Honors: Senior Seminar in International Studies

A capstone International Studies senior seminar intended to be taken as the final step in completion of the major or minor, using the study of selected topics from the field of International Studies. Students are expected to utilize their knowledge of the several disciplines that comprise the International Studies major, based on the previous courses they have completed within these disciplines.

Prerequisite: International Studies 205 and 12 credits of upper division (300 or 400 level) courses from International Studies Course List 2, including courses from at least two disciplines from that list, or permission of the Coordinator of International Studies. (Spring)

59-474 Honors Thesis

Honors thesis projects include any advanced independent endeavor in the student’s major field of study, e.g., a written thesis, scientific experiment or research project, or creative arts exhibit or production. Proposals (attached to Independent Study contract) must show clear promise of honors level work and be approved by a faculty sponsor. Course title for transcript will be ‘Honors Thesis.’ Completed projects will be announced and presented to interested students and faculty.

Prerequisite: University Honors status and junior standing. Maximum of 6 units (crs.).