Course List 3

Regional Studies

The following courses count towards the Regional Studies emphases and minors:

African Studies

Anthropology 322 Peoples and Cultures of Africa

Anthropology 330 Culture Change in Modern Africa

Anthropology 332 Magic and Religion

Anthropology 348 Economy, Nature and Culture

Anthropology 352 Old World Archaeology

Economics 319 Economics of Less Developed Countries

Economics 420 International Trade and Finance

Economics 421 Honors: International Trade and Finance

English 358 Post Colonial Literature: Optional Content

English 367 African Literature

Geography 353 Sub-Saharan Africa

Geography 354 Middle East and North Africa

History 359 Africa: 1800-Present

History 360 South Africa: 1652-Present

History 383 Traditional Middle East, 330-1789

History 384 Modern Middle East, 1789-1979

International Studies 308 Revolution and Development

International Studies 309 Honors: Revolution and Development

International Studies 341 Multinational Corporations in the International System

Religious Studies 240 Islam

Asian Studies

Anthropology 318 Peoples and Cultures of Southern Asia

Anthropology 326 Peoples and Cultures of Oceania

Art 317 Art History, Art of India, China, and Japan

Economics 319 Economics of Less Developed Countries

English 238 Introduction to the Literature of India

English 239 Introduction to Chinese Literature

English 240 Introduction to Japanese Literature

Japanese 204 Intermediate Reading (Japanese)

Geography 347 Asia-Pacific

History 348 Ancient and Medieval India

History 349 Modern India

History 351 Gender in Indian History

History 375 Traditional Japan

History 376 Modern Japan

History 377 Traditional China

History 378 Modern China

International Studies 308 Revolution and Development

International Studies 309 Honors: Revolution and Development

International Studies 312 Understanding Japan

Philosophy 211 Philosophy in India

Philosophy 221 Philosophy in China

Philosophy 223 Honors: Philosophy in China

Political Science 311 East Asian Politics

Political Science 339 Political Economy of Asia

Religious Studies 221 The Hindu Tradition

Religious Studies 222 Buddhism

Religious Studies 240 Islam

Religious Studies 335 Chinese Religion

Religious Studies 337 Japanese Religion

Religious Studies 340 Hindu Myth and Ritual

Religious Studies 354 Buddhist Myth and Ritual

European Studies

Art 310 Art History, Ancient Art

Art 311 Art History, Medieval Art

Art 313 Art History, Italian Renaissance Art

Art 314 Northern Renaissance Art

Art 315 Art History, European Baroque and Rococo Art, 17th and 18th Centuries

Art 320 Art History, European Art, 19th -Century

Art 321 Art History, Modern

Economics 309 Marxian Economics

Economics 420 International Trade and Finance

Economics 421 Honors: International Trade and Finance

Economics 427 Economic and Social Development of Great Britain

Economics 428 Economics of European Integration and Growth

English 210 Classical and Medieval Literature

English 225 Modern British Literature

English 351 Medieval Literature-Optional Content

English 365 Modern British Fiction: Optional Content

French 306 Contemporary France

French 309 French Speaking Societies and Cultures

French 315 Survey of French Literature I

French 318 Survey of French Literature II

French 321 French and Francophone Literature of the 20th Century to the Present

French 330 French Civilization

French 331 La Civilisation française à travers les arts

French 350 Masterpieces of French Literature in English Translation

French 401 Themes Litteraires

French 403 Le Genre Litteraire

French 405 Le Cinema Francais

German 306 Landeskunde: Introduction to the German Speaking World

German 308 Introduction to German Literature

German 314 German Phonetics

German 315 Medieval and Early Modern German Literature

German 318 German Literature of the Late 18th and 19th Centuries

German 321 German Literature from the Twentieth Century to the Present

German 323 Multicultural Germany

German 325 German Mass Media and Current Events

German 327 The German Fairy Tale Tradition

German 330 German Civilization

German 350 Masterpieces of German Literature in English Translation

German 438 The German Novelle

German 445 German Prose Works of the  20th Century

History 344 Europe Since 1945

Russian 350 Masterpieces of 19th-Century Russian Literature in English Translation

Russian 375 Masterpieces of 20th-Century Russian Literature in English Translation

Spanish 315 Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature

Spanish 318 Spanish Literature: 18th Century to the Present

Spanish 332 Spanish Civilization

Spanish 350 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature in English Translation

Spanish 362 Special Topics in Spanish Literature: Optional Content

Spanish 363 Special Topics in Spanish Civilization: Optional Content

Spanish 401 Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Spanish 404 Spanish Golden Age Literature

Spanish 412 The 20th Century

Geography 331 Europe

Geography 338 Russian Realm

History 101 Early Civilization

History 102 Modern Civilization

History 103 Honors: Modern Civilization

History 302 Ancient Greece

History 303 Roman History

History 304 Early Middle Ages, 300-1050

History 305 The Later Middle Ages, 1050-1450

History 306 The Crusades

History 308 Renaissance Europe

History 310 Reformation Europe

History 312 Special Topics in European History: Optional Content

History 316 Romanticism and Revolution in Europe

History 318 Modernism and Nationalism in Europe

History 319 Europe Since 1914

History 322 European Absolutism

History 323 Old Regime, French Revolution and Napoleon, 1763-1815

History 329 Culture and Society in Eighteenth Century France

History 330 Imperial Germany

History 331 Germany from World War I to Present

History 332 Rise and Fall of Third Reich, 1919-1945

History 333 The Holocaust

History 334 Women in Modern European History

History 350 Modern East Europe

History 370 Russia to 1861

History 371 Modern Russia

History 372 Medieval Britain to 1485

History 373 Earn Modern Britain: 1485-1714

History 374 Modern Britain: 1714-Present

History 412 European History Seminar

Music 205 Survey of Music History I

Music 207 Survey of Music History II

Philosophy 301 History of Ancient Western Philosophy

Philosophy 305 History of Modern Western Philosophy

Political Science 301 European Union Politics

Political Science 309 West European Politics

Political Science 317 U.S. Foreign Policy

Political Science 336 Russian Politics

Religious Studies 210 Christianity

Latin American Studies

Anthropology 326 Peasant and Contemporary Cultures of Latin America

Anthropology 360 Mesoamerican Culture

Spanish 320 Latin American Literatures from the Pre-Columbian to Colonial Period

Spanish 325 Latin American Literatures from the 19th Century to the Present

Spanish 327 The Hispanic Short Story

Spanish 334 Latin American Civilization

Spanish 335 Mexican Civilization

Spanish 351 Latin American Literature and Film

Spanish 352 Latin American Women Writers

Spanish 364 Special Topics in Latin American Literature: Optional Content

Spanish 365 Special Topics in Latin American Civilization: Optional Content

Spanish 375 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature in English Translation

Spanish 420 Latin American Short Story

Geography 319 Latin America

History 346 Women and Gender Relations in Latin American History

History 347 Mexico: from Pre-Hispanic Times to the Twentieth Century

History 381 Latin America to 1825

History 382 Modern Latin America

International Studies 308 Revolution and Development

International Studies 309 Honors: Revolution and Development

International 321 Central American Culture

International 420 Seminar in Latin American Studies

Political Science 379 Latin American Politics

Political Science 383 Latin America in International Relations