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Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies Minor compliments majors and credits from the minor will count towards an International Studies major and/or a Spanish Emphasis within International Studies

Latin American Studies Minor

Required Credits: 24 minimum

Required Courses: 59-420 Seminar in Latin American Studies

Other Requirements: 21 additional credits from the courses in the Latin American Studies section of Course List 3. Students must include at least one course each from any four of the departments/disciplines specified in the Latin American Studies list.


Additional information can be found on the Latin American Studies Minor website: Latin American Studies (New Site!)

 Comment: courses which satisfy the credit requirements of this minor also count toward an International Studies Major, enabling students to combine the two into a package of complementing specializations.

Students are strongly advised to include at least two years of Spanish in their studies.


Minor Progression
Blank Form  Blank Area Studies Minor Progression Form
Latin American Studies  Latin American Studies Progression


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