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Global and National Security Emphasis

GNSThe Global and National Security emphasis is recommended for students who wish to pursue careers as analysts or managers in national and homeland security, either with government agencies or in the private security sector.

When completing a Global and National Security emphasis, in addition to the basic requirements (Int. Stds 205 and 402), the student must take the courses described below, and may take as many upper-level elective courses from Course List 2 to complete the major's credit and discipline distribution requirements.

Please consult your International Studies advisor, who will help you to maximize the many potential inter-locking related majors and minors, and ensure that these are completed in time. The earlier you consult with your adviser, the more options you will be able to pursue.

For Global and National Security emphasis sample and progression sheet, please follow the links below:


Emphasis Course Distribution Progression
Blank Form  Blank Distribution Form Blank Progression
Int. Studies - Global and National Security Global and National Security Distribution Global and National Security Progression


Global and National Security courses (15 credits):

The courses are required for Global and National Security serve as the 15 credit specialization within International Studies.

These courses include:

International Studies 302 - United States National Security Policy

International Studies 315 - Perspectives on the Nuclear Age

Political Science 376 - International Conflict


And two of the following:

History 395 - United States Military History, or

History 391 - War, the American Military & U.S. Foreign Relations, 1919-present

Military Science 304 - Military History of World War II

Political Science 328 - Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism


Elective courses (15 credits):

Students pursuing the Global and National Security emphasis may take 15 credits of elective courses, from Course List 2, in order to complete the major's 36 credits requirement.Please note that only up to 9 credits out of the major's 36 credits may consist of 100 or 200 level courses.Additionally, students must take courses from at least four different disciplines giving credit in the International Studies Program within their major.

Prerequisite courses

Please note that some of the classes listed above have course prerequisites that must be fulfilled before a student is allowed to enroll into a specific class.


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International Development Emphasis


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