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Disciplinary Emphases

The International Studies Program also offers a choice of eleven disciplinary emphases. These allow the student to become a specialist in the discipline within International Studies and a specialist in the international aspects of a particular discipline.

A disciplinary emphasis works best when a disciplinary emphasis within the International Studies major is combined with a minor in the disciplne (History, Political Science, etc). Moreover, given that several courses may count torwards the International Studies major and a disciplinary minor, students are encouraged to pursue these minors.

Please consult your International Studies advisor, who will help you to maximize the many potential inter-locking related majors and minors, and ensure that these are completed in time. The earlier you consult with your advisor, the more options you will be able to pursue.

When choosing one of these Disciplines as an emphasis, the student must complete five upper-level courses from the disciplines included in course list 2.

For International Studies Discipline emphases samples and progression sheets, please follow the links below:

Emphasis Course Distribution
Blank Form
Blank Distribution Blank Progression
Int. Studies - Anthropology
Anthropology Distribution
Anthropology Progression
Int. Studies - Art Art Distribution Art Progression
Int. Studies - Economics Economics Distribution Economics Progression
Int. Studies - English English Distribution English Progression
Int. Studies - French French Distribution French Progression
Int. Studies - German German Distribution German Progression
Int. Studies - Spanish Spanish Distribution Spanish Progression
Int. Studies - Geography Geography Distribution Geography Progression
Int. Studies - History History Distribution History Progression
Int. Studies -  Political Science Political Science Distribution Political Science Progression
Int. Studies -  Religious Studies Religious Studies Distribution Religious Studies Progression




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