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Model United Nations

UN Seal Don't Just Study International Affairs

    • Experience it
    • Participate in it


Don't Just Study Diplomacy 

    • Practice it
    • Engage in it


Model United Nations offers an intensive, practical hands on learning experience that enables you to learn significant skills through active participation.


Experience the teamwork involved in crafting policy and strategy 

    • The prioritization of policy goals
    • Explore the various means of carrying them out
    • Working with friends and allies
    • Identifying and cooperating with those with similar objectives


Model United Nations allows students to learn about: 

    • The causes of disputes and the basis of their resolution
    • How the international system works
    • The differing viewpoints and priorities of each of the world's nations
    • How diplomats interact
    • The bodies and agencies that comprise the International System
    • The factors that nations base their policies on
    • How to determine national policies
    • The differing viewpoints and perspectivers of each of the world's regions
    • What factors are important to each region
    • How nations and governments express their views
    • The various aspects of conducting foreign policy
    • Why current issues are important
    • How current events fit into a context of the past and the future
    • How international agreements are written
    • The interrelation of issues from various fields including:
      • Political, economic, and social affairs
    • The role of global and regional interactions
    • The importance of the role of:
      • Security
      • Well being
      • Use and conservation of resources


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