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International Studies Major

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Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the International Studies Program links the economic, political, social, and environmental factors involved in contemporary international relations in the complex modern world with study of a foreign language. It offers students the opportunity to study current world affairs, the process of diplomacy, the position of the United States in the world and its interaction with other nations, the functioning of international business, various regions of the world, and in particular the developing and less developed countries of the world.


Students graduating with a degree in International Studies are prepared to function in the global economy, combining cultural and language skills with analytical skills and necessary background in several diverse fields. They understand the significance of culture, history, and values in the diverse nations of the world, are aware of the diverse regions of the world, the ways in which nations relate to each other, and understand the linkages between economic, political, and social events. They are also aware of global issues such as the environment, pollution, trade, economic development, and social development, as well as international organizations and their role in addressing these global issues.


Students enrolled in the International Studies Program choose from approximately 200 courses offered within the participating departments.


Key and integrated courses are offered within International Studies, while the vast majority of the courses are offered within participating departments. Consult the course list for a list of courses by discipline.


Students who designate International Studies as their major on their admission form or who declare an International Studies major by completing a form in the Registration Office, will be assigned an advisor within International Studies who will help them plan their studies and academic career.


Choices of courses within the requirements for general education and BA or BS degrees will be affected by their International Studies major, so that the most internationally related courses may be accepted. The earlier a student declares an International Studies major, the earlier they can start making these choices, since courses that meet general education requirements can also service as prerequisites for required advanced courses, thus enabling more opportunities for further specialization available if chosen carefully.


Students majoring in International Studies must meet basic requirements, and select their own individual emphasis from any of the disciplines, area studies, or specialized fields which constitute the International Studies Program. In doing so they exercise choices enabling them to focus on the international aspects that are of greatest interest to them and are most beneficial to their future careers, selecting or designing their own specialties within International Studies.


Students majoring in International Studies often include complementing minors and additional majors in their plans, providing them with interrelated and mutually supportive specializations that maximize options for graduate study and enhance their strengths for their intended careers.


 All students majoring in International Studies are required to complete the BA foreign language requirement, equivalent to at least two years of university level foreign language study. Indeed, the completion of a minor in foreign language is recommended, to assure that students are able to function in another region of the world.


Students majoring in International Studies can choose from emphases in General International Studies and International Business, Within the General International Studies track many choices regarding specialties are offered.


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If you would like to learn more about the International Studies Program, please contact our advisors.

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