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Course List 2: Disciplines

Course List 2 contains courses that count towards the International Studies Major from participating disciplines.

International Studies


59-205/206/207 Contemporary International Issues (SS) (NW) (XS)

59-227 Practicum in Diplomatic Practice

59-228 Honors: Practicum in Diplomatic Practice

59-302 US National Security Policy

59-308/508 Revolution and Development (NW) (AF) (AS) (LA)

59-309 Honors: Revolutions and Development (NW) (AF) (AS) (LA)

59-312 Understanding Japan (NW) (AS)

59-315 Perspectives on the Nuclear Age

59-321 Central American Cultural (LA)

59-341/541 Multinational Corporations in the International System (SS) (AF)

59-364 International Negotiation

59-402 Senior Seminar in International Studies

59-403 Honors: Senior Seminar in International Studies

59-420 Seminar in Latin American Studies (LA)




21-102 Introduction to Anthropology (XS)

21-122 World Ethnography (XS)

21-232 Cultural Anthropology (XS) (Q2)

21-272 Nature of Languages

21-274 Language in Culture (XC)

21-318 Peoples and Cultures of Southern Asia (AS)

21-322 Peoples and Cultures of Africa (AF)

21-326 Peoples and Cultures of Oceania (AS)

21-328 Peasant and Contemporary Cultures of Latin America (LA)

21-330 Culture Change in Modern Africa (AF)

21-332 Magic and Religion (AF)

21-336 Social Organization

21-348 Economy, Nature, and Culture (AF)

21-352 Old World Archaeology (AF)

21-360 Mesoamerican Culture (LA)

21-376 Culture Change




22-209 Art History Survey I (XC)

22-310 Art History, Ancient Art (EU)

22-311 Art History, Medieval Art (EU)

22-313 Art History, Italian Renaissance Art (EU)

22-314 Northern Renaissance Art (EU)

22-315 Art History, European Baroque and Rococo Art, 17th and 18th Centuries (EU)

22-317 Art History, Art of India, China, and Japan (AS)

22-320 Art History, European Art, 19th-Century (EU)

22-321 Art History, Modern (EU)


Business Administration


28-375 Global Marketing




96-337 Foundations in Communication Studies

96-427 Rhetorical Criticism




36-309 Marxian Economics (EU)

36-319 Economics of Less Developed Countries (AF) (AS)

36-410 International Capital Markets

36-420 International Trade and Finance (EU) (AF)

36-421 Honors: International Trade and Finance (EU) (AF)

36-427 Economic and Social Development of Great Britain (EU)

36-428 Economics of European Integration and Growth (EU)

36-436 Comparative Economic Systems




38-210 Classical and Medieval Literature (EU) (XC) (Q2)

38-225 Modern British Literature (EU) (XC)

38-227 Modern World Literature (XC) (Q2)

38-238 Introduction to the Literature of India (AS)

38-239 Introduction to Chinese Literature (AS) (XC)

38-240 Introduction to Japanese Literature (AS)

38-326 Studies in Classical Mythology

38-351 Medieval Literature-Optional Content (EU)

38-358 Post Colonial Literature: Optional Content (AF)

38-365 Modern British Fiction: Optional Content (EU)

38-367 African Literature (AF)


Foreign Languages




41-306 Contemporary France (EU)

41-309 French Speaking Societies and Cultures (EU)

41-315 Survey of French Literature I (EU)

41-318 Survey of French Literature II (EU)

41-321 French and Francophone Literature of the 20th Century to the Present (EU)

41-330 French Civilization (EU)

41-331 La Civilisation française à travers les arts (EU)

41-350 Masterpieces of French Literature in English Translation (EU)

41-401 Themes Litteraires (EU)

41-403 Le Genre Litteraire (EU)

41-405 Le Cinema Francais (EU)

41-406 Francophone World and Minority Cultures in France




43-306 Landeskunde: Introduction to the German Speaking World (EU)

43-308 Introduction to German Literature (EU)

43-314 German Phonetics (EU)

43-315 Medieval and Early Modern German Literature (EU)

43-318 German Literature of the Late 18th and 19th Centuries (EU)

43-321 German Literature from the Twentieth Century to the Present (EU)

43-323 Multicultural Germany (EU)

43-325 German Mass Media and Current Events (EU)

43-327 The German Fairy Tale Tradition (EU)

43-330 German Civilization (EU)

43-350 Masterpieces of German Literature in English Translation (EU)

43-438 The German Novelle (EU)

43-445 German Prose Works of the  20th Century (EU)




48-350 Masterpieces of 19th-Century Russian Literature in English Translation (EU)

48-375 Masterpieces of 20th-Century Russian Literature in English Translation (EU)




49-315 Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature (EU)

49-318 Spanish Literature: 18th Century to the Present (EU)

49-320 Latin American Literatures from the Pre-Columbian to Colonial Period (LA)

49-325 Latin American Literatures from the 19th Century to the Present (LA)

49-327 The Hispanic Short Story (LA)

49-332 Spanish Civilization (EU)

49-334 Latin American Civilization (LA)

49-335 Mexican Civilization (LA)

49-350 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature in English Translation (EU)

49-351 Latin American Literature and Film (LA)

49-352 Latin American Women Writers (LA)

49-362 Special Topics in Spanish Literature: Optional Content (EU)

49-363 Special Topics in Spanish Civilization: Optional Content (EU)

49-364 Special Topics in Latin American Literature: Optional Content (LA)

49-365 Special Topics in Latin American Civilization: Optional Content (LA)

49-375 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature in English Translation (LA)

49-401 Medieval and Renaissance Literature (EU)

49-404 Spanish Golden Age Literature (EU)

49-412 The 20th Century (EU)

49-420 Latin American Short Story (LA)




50-102 World Regional Geography (XS)

50-202 Human Geography (XS)

50-213 Population Geography (XS)

50-311 Economic Geography

50-319 Latin America (LA)

50-321 Political Geography

50-331 Europe (EU)

50-338 Russian Realm (EU)

50-347 Asia-Pacific (AS)

50-353 Sub-Saharan Africa (AF)

50-354 Middle East and North Africa (AF)

50-377 Population and Environment




57-101 Early Civilization (EU) (XS) (Q1)

57-102 Modern Civilization (EU) (XS)

57-103 Honors: Modern Civilization (EU) (XS)

57-302 Ancient Greece (EU)

57-303 Roman History (EU)

57-304 Early Middle Ages, 300-1050 (EU)

57-305 The Later Middle Ages, 1050-1450 (EU)

57-306 The Crusades (EU)

57-308 Renaissance Europe (EU)

57-310 Reformation Europe (EU)

57-312 Special Topics in European History: Optional Content (EU)

57-313 Special Topics in Non-Western History: Optional Content

57-316 Romanticism and Revolution in Europe (EU)

57-318 Modernism and Nationalism in Europe (EU)

57-319 Europe Since 1914 (EU)

57-322 European Absolutism (EU)

57-323 Old Regime, French Revolution and Napoleon, 1763-1815 (EU)

57-329 Culture and Society in Eighteenth Century France (EU)

57-330 Imperial Germany (EU)

57-331 Germany from World War I to Present (EU)

57-332 Rise and Fall of Third Reich, 1919-1945 (EU)

57-333 The Holocaust (EU)

57-334 Women in Modern European History (EU)

57-344 Europe Since 1945

57-346 Women and Gender Relations in Latin American History (LA)

57-347 Mexico: from Pre-Hispanic Times to the Twentieth Century (LA)

57-348 Ancient and Medieval India (AS)

57-349 Modern India (AS)

57-350 Modern East Europe (EU)

57-351 Gender in Indian History (AS) 

57-355 Global Environmental History

57-359 Africa: 1800-Present (AF)

57-360 South Africa: 1652-Present (AF)

57-370 Russia to 1861 (EU)

57-371 Modern Russia (EU)

57-372 Medieval Britain to 1485 (EU)

57-373 Earn Modern Britain: 1485-1714 (EU)

57-374 Modern Britain: 1714-Present (EU)

57-375 Traditional Japan (AS)

57-376 Modern Japan (AS)

57-377 Traditional China (AS)

57-378 Modern China (AS)

57-381 Latin America to 1825 (LA)

57-382 Modern Latin America (LA)

57-383 Traditional Middle East, 330-1789 (AF)

57-384 Modern Middle East, 1789-1979 (AF)

57-395 United States Military History

57-397 American Foreign Relations to 1917

57-398 American Foreign Relations from 1917 to the Present

57-412 European History Seminar (EU)

57-413 Non-Western History Seminar


Military Science


70-304 Military History of World War II




73-205 Survey of Music History I (EU)

73-207 Survey of Music History II (EU)




76-211 Philosophy in India (AS) (XC)

76-221 Philosophy in China (AS)

76-223 Honors: Philosophy in China (AS)

76-301 History of Ancient Western Philosophy (EU)

76-305 History of Modern Western Philosophy (EU)


Political Science


84-101 Introduction to Comparative Politics (XS) (Q2)

84-107 Honors: Introduction to Comparative Politics

84-115 International Politics (XS) (Q2)

84-301 European Union Politics (EU)

84-308 International Law

84-309 West European Politics (EU)

84-311 East Asian Politics (AS)

84-313 Politics of Genocide

84-317 U.S. Foreign Policy (EU)

84-322 International Political Economy

84-323 Comparative Constitutional Law

84-326 Politics of Development

84-328 Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

84-336 Russian Politics (EU)

84-339 Political Economy of Asia (AS)

84-349 Foundations of Political Theory

84-352 The Politics of National Security

84-355 Modern Political Thought

84-373 Special Topics Group III

84-374 Special Topics Group IV

84-376 International Conflict

84-379 Latin American Politics (LA)

84-383 Latin America in International Relations (LA)

84-388 Global Environmental Politics

84-393 International Organization

84-410 Comparative Political Analysis


Religious Studies


 87-102 World Religions (XC)

87-110 Honors: World Religions (XC)

87-203 Hebrew Bible (XC)

87-210 Christianity (EU) (XC)

87-221 The Hindu Tradition (AS) (XC)

87-222 Buddhism (AS)

87-240 Islam (AS) (AF) (XC)

87-335 Chinese Religion (AS)

87-337 Japanese Religion (AS)

87-338 Comparative Religions Ritual

87-340 Hindu Myth and Ritual (AS)

87-354 Buddhist Myth and Ritual (AS)

87-361 Islamic Resurgence

87-371 Global Fundamentalisms in Contemporary Perspective

87-372 Religious Radicalism and Globalization

87-380 Terrorism and Religious Violence

87-381 Terrorism and Religious Violence: Applications and Issues




92-315 Population Problems


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