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Foreign Language Options

Students are advised to select languages in accordance with regions of the world in which they have the greatest interest. UW Oshkosh currently offers courses in the following languages:


Incoming freshmen students with extensive high school foreign language coursework are encouraged to take a CLEP exam to test into a foreign language level and may receive retroactive credit if they earn a B or higher in the course they test into. For information regarding placement testing at UW-Oshkosh, click here.


All International Studies Majors are required to complete at least two years of university level study or its equivalent in one foreign language. This requires 14 credits.


It is recommended that students majoring in International Studies complete at least an academic minor in a foreign language. A language minor demonstrates to prospective employers that the student has gone beyond the minimum and has the ability to effectively read the language, which is necessary if the position sought requires the ability to function in the language.


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If you would like to learn more about the International Studies Program, please contact our advisors.

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