General Recommendations/Rules

In an effort to help minimize all the quirks email templates can have please review these general recommendations/rules.

  • These templates are for INTERNAL communication uses ONLY. For help with external communications please contact UMC for additional guidance.
  • Online Outlook
    We recommend using the online platform. Please do not use the outlook desktop app to send email templates out. It will break the code on the background.
    When working with templates we recommended that you open and copy your template from the following Google Chrome or Safari




  • COPYING /PASTING TEXT into email template.
    If you need to copy and paste text into the template we recommend you pasting it into a general text software like notes (mac) or notepad (pc) to remove the extra code or styling from the text. Then paste it into the email template.
  • ADDING IMAGES TO EMAILS – Images are only to be used to enhanced your email. They should not include ALL the text of your email.  This is to remain compliant for web accessibility. Screen readers are unable to read the text within an image. To add an image to your email within a template you can click within template and select insert image inline.
  • WORDPRESS – if you are a wordpress editor user you need to be logged out of your website before you can use your HTML email template. If you are logged in and follow the email copy instructions it will grab additional background code associated with the website instead of just the template.
  • APPROVAL – If there is an approval chain where you need a supervisor to see the email prior to sending out, we recommend the following: Get them to approve the text and then build your email template. OR You can send a completed template to them for approval but will need to redo a fresh copy prior to sending to the list serve. If you forward from an email that has been sent and then forwarded it will break the code.


Below are the instructions on how to send out an email to the announcement list. Please follow these steps each time you send out an email, do not just forward a previously sent email as it will break the template code.  

  1. Open your department’s email template in Chrome, Safari or Opera. (Edge/Internet Explorer and Firefox will not work.)
  2. Control/Command + A or right click > Select All 
  3. Control/Command + C or right click > Copy 
  4. Open an email in
  5. Control/Command + V or right click > Paste 
  6. Fill in the Subject line 
  7. Replace sample text with the message that you want within the template. 
  8. Put in TO area 
  9. Hit Send button