Hometown teachers

Dear Alumni,

It is not an exaggeration to say that a great teacher can change a student’s life. There are many stories that attest to the benefits of a strong relationship between an educator and pupil.

The College of Education and Human Services aims to drive teacher recruitment by highlighting the quintessential role teachers’ play in students’ life in a new advertising campaign.

The campaign’s goals are to: 

  • Actively recruit high school with the skillsets and dispositions needed to dedicate time to the vocation, respond demands of the job and revel in the successes in the classroom.
  • Highlight the innate innovations and creativity connected with the teaching profession. Explore delivered curriculum teaches the next generation to be successful.
  • Show the variety of services teachers provide to students (advocate, mentor, disciplinarian, friend and confidant) to help shape or change a student’s life.
  • Showcase the connection between teaching profession and industry. Industry partners often rely on teachers to cultivate the beginning seeds of talent.

Support our campaign
We are looking for 10 teachers to help us reframe the conversations surrounding teaching profession and stand as advocates for UW Oshkosh’s teaching program. Participants would need to be willing to get photographed and videotaped in their classrooms and work with our marketing team to highlight your journey and goals within the teaching profession.

If you are interested please fill out our interest survey.

Linda Hailing
Dean, College of Education and Human Services

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