References for Past Workshops

2023 Early Career STEM Educators Workshop

Workshop Facilitated by Dr. Margarita Jimenez-Silva, Sisterhood 4 Equity, LLC

Thursday, October 19 

K-W-L Activity to Assess & Build on Prior Knowledge

What We Know about Minoritized Students in STEM

Knowing and Valuing Individuals’ Backgrounds

Getting to Know Each Other

Social Ecological Systems Theory  – Understanding Context

Unpacking Asset-Based Approaches: A Timeline of Theoretical Frameworks and

Pedagogical Practices

Unpacking Asset-Based Approaches: A Timeline of Theoretical Frameworks and

Pedagogical Practices – Continued

Putting It All Together – What does this mean for me and my context?

Connection to Socio-emotional Learning (SEL)

Exploring and Brainstorming Possibilities for Applying In Our Contexts

Exit Ticket: I Wonder….

Friday, October 20

Teacher Noticing

Rubrics: Possibilities for Applying in our Contexts

Making It Our Own


Small Group Sharing & Peer Feedback

Large Group Debrief

Complete KCU post-survey

Workshop Survey Findings Infographic

Elementary STEM Careers Bingo

Cultural Responsiveness in STEM Undergraduate Courses


2022 Early Career STEM Educators Workshop

Focus on Metacognition in the Classroom: Discussion of the book “Teaching Students How to Learn” by Dr. Saundra McGuire

Presenters: Gena Frey and Tina Koch, UW Oshkosh

Utilizing Teaching Objective Writing to Create Activities for STEM Classrooms

Presenter: Dr. Tammy Ladwig, UW Oshkosh, Fox Cities

Inclusive Syllabi as a Best Practice

Presenters: Dr. Valerie Barske, UW Stevens Point, and Dr. Heather Pelzel, UW Whitewater

IDEAS Curriculum Reform Grant Awardee: Dr. Jessica Lucas, UW Oshkosh

IDEAS Curriculum Reform Grant Awardee: Dr. Sarah Orlofske, UW Stevens Point

2021 Early Career STEM Educators Workshop

The 2021 Early Career STEM Educator’s workshop was hosted online over the course of three days and included panel discussions and a series of workshops facilitated by the ADVANCEGeo team.

2021 Early Career STEM Workshop Agenda

2019 Early Career STEM Educators Workshop

The 2019 workshop was facilitated by NAGT Traveling Workshop, “Strengthening Your Courses”.

STEM Educators Workshop 2019


Opening Workshop 2018

Diversity in the Classroom
Heidi Nicholls, UW Oshkosh
Diversity in the Classroom- Beyond Dempgraphics

Creative ways to encourage student engagement with STEM material (and each other) in large enrollment introductory courses
Jennifer Wenner, UW Oshkosh

Standards based grading in STEM
Laura McCullough, UW Stout

Teaching Inclusivity
Gail Coover, UW Madison, Executive Director Wisconsin Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Incorporation of research experiences into long-standing undergraduate laboratory course
Angela Kita, UW Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health

Critical Thinking in a Taxonomy Course: Insights from Animal Parasitology
Sarah Orlofske, UW Stevens Point
Critical Thinking in a Taxonomy Course

Collaborative Learning in Introductory Biology Labs
Andrea Romero, UW Whitewater

Keynote: Tools to Help Shift Bias: High Impact Practices
Dr. Sylvia Carey-Butler, Associate Vice Chancellor of the Office of  Inclusive Excellence, UW Oshkosh





Opening Workshop 2017


Promoting Critical Thinking in Science with Concept Maps
Sarah Jane Alger, UW Stevens Point
Promoting Critical Thinking in Science with Concept Maps_Alger

Best Practices Online and Universal Design in Online Learning
Jennifer Hendryx, Instructional Designer, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Warming Up to Online Teaching_Hendryx

An Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Workshop
Carl Fox, UW Whitewater, Director of Research & Sponsored Programs
Writing Winning Grant Proposals_Fox

Best Practices in Large Classrooms
Jamie Schneider, UW River Falls, Chemistry
Best Practices in Large Classrooms_Schneider




Opening Workshop 2015

Top Ten Tips for Implementing a Flipped Classroom
Benjamin Collins, UW Platteville
Handout: Top-Ten Tips
Powerpoint Slides

Active pedagogy in GIS classroom
Tim Kennedy, UW Stevens Point
Active Pedagogy in a GIS Classroom_Kennedy

Implementing iPads into the STEM Lab
Kitrina Carlson, Madison Area Technical College & Maleka (Polly) Hashmi, UW Stout

CURE the Teaching and Research Dilemma
Christopher Yahnke, Dept. of Biology, UW Stevens Point
Handout: CBE–Life Science Education
CURE the Teaching and Research Dilemma_Yahnke

A price tag for classroom software?
Alexandru Tupan, UW River Falls
A Pricetag for Classroom Software_Tupan

Do you Play Fair? An Initiative to Reduce Unconscious Bias
Gail Coover, WiscAMP
Fair Play_Coover

How to Grow a Scientist: teaching pedagogies that encourage meaningful, authentic and student-directed learning
Krista Slemmons, Kele Anyanwu & Perry Cook, UW Stevens Point
Collaborators: Nancy Shefferly, Josh Hames, Dave Grabski & Jeffery Mlsna
How To Grow a Scienctist_Slemmons

Using Case Studies to Teach STEM Courses
Colleen McDermott, DVM, PhD, UW Oshkosh

Using concept maps in a non-lab discussion based science course for non-science majors
Juk Bhattacharyya, UW Whitewater

Getting Near 100% Class Participation Using Clickers
Ken Menningen, UW Stevens Point

Inclusive Teaching: What does that mean in STEM?
Jennifer Schuttlefield Christus, UW Oshkosh
Inclusive Teaching_Christus

Opening Workshop 2014

Oct. 2-3 @ Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells

  • Kristin Riker-Coleman, UW Superior: Using Academic Service-learning to Solidify Content to STEM Courses
  • Jennifer Mihalick, UW Oshkosh: Composing a Course
  • Rose Theisen, UW Eau Claire: Hybridizing Inorganic Chemistry: Increasing Student Engagement by Reserving Lecture for High-Impact Practices
  • David Howard, UW La Crosse: Using Formative Assessments to Engage Students in Large, Content-heavy Classes
  • Jonathan Kahl, UW Milwaukee: Faculty-led Study Abroad in Mexico: Air Pollution and Ancient Cultures
Opening Workshop 2013

Date, Location

Opening Workshop 2012

Date, Location

Opening Workshop 2011

Date, Location

  • General References
  • Jennifer Mihalick, Women & Science Director, UW Oshkosh: Opening Remarks
  • Jamie Schneider, UW River Falls: Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique
  • Jamie Schneider, Brandon Fetterly and Jennifer Mihalick: POGIL
  • Marlann Patterson, UW Stout: Probing Physics: Project Based Learning
  • Gerald Bergtrom, UW Milwaukee: Designing Online and Blended Courses
  • Kevin Crawford, UW Oshkosh: Engaging Student in Large Classes
  • Gail Coover, WiscAMP: The WiscAMP Excel Program
  • Tera Montgomery, UW Platteville: 2010 Curriculum Reform Grant Project “Hairy Milker and the Dairy of Destiny”
Opening Workshop 2010

Sept. 30-Oct.1, Clearwaters Hotel, Marshfield, WI

Opening Workshop 2009

Date, Location

Universities of Wisconsin Alliance for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Advancement in STEM

UW Oshkosh Campus
Halsey Science Center, Room 121
(920) 424-7414