UW System Women’s & Gender Studies Consortium (WGSC) Statement regarding caregiving recommendations for Fall 2020 return to campus.

The WGSC is participating in a systemwide task force to advance research on the gendered impacts of COVID-19 in higher education and develop ways to sustain and support caregivers across the UW System. The task force will determine key issues and concerns of faculty, staff, and student caregivers across the UW System, paying particular attention to the impacts on caregivers at the center of multiple marginalized identities as well as impacts of gender equity and COVID-19 on career progression. Our mission is to provide resources and collective policy recommendations to campus leadership across the UW System as part of collaborative process designed to streamline and expedite the support available to caregivers. Task force members include faculty and staff from across the UW System.

Please see the WGSC’s June 23, 2020 statement regarding caregiving recommendations to UW System Campus Leaders, as the UW System campuses prepare to return to campus in Fall 2020. This document provides the foundation of our concerns and considerations.

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