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Fall 2010 — Volume 7, Issue 1

  • Kindness, Kith, Kin, Compassion, and Community: A Response Model Connecting Human Services and Education to Address Trauma — Dr. Susan Kincaid and Dr. Ray Wolpow
  • Implications of Oneida Language Learning — Dr. Toni House
  • Self-Injury and the Role of the Human Service Professional — Drs. Laurie Craigen, Rebekah Cole and Tammi Milliken
  • In the Field — Field Note: A Macro-Level Field Experience — Dr. Linda Wark
  • Web Resource Spotlight — Dr. Susan Cramer — Blended Learning Tools: Audacity, Fotobabble, One Minute Lectures and Moodle.

Spring 2010 — Volume 6, Issue 2

  • The Challenges of the Elderly Immigrant — Dr. Maudia Gentry
  • Culturally Competent Mental Health Services for Refugees: The Case for a Community-Based Treatment Approach — Dr. Ben Rader, Psy.D., Dr. Sebastian Ssempijja, and Leng Lee
  • Transition Assistance for the Newly Immigrated: The Role of the Human Service Practitioner — Dr. Jill C. Dustin
  • Providing Human Services to Latina Immigrants: Victims of IPV — Dr. Amanda Coleman-Mason
  • Web Resource Spotlight — Dr. Susan Cramer — Immigration and Migration Resources.
  • Internationally Speaking — Dr. Alfred Kisubi — A Call to Action