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Hagen & Cramer
Welcome to the first issue of the premier, international journal of human services – Human Services Today. We believe we have the makings of an important collaboration of people involved in Human Services world wide; a means of communicating with each other on a very immediate basis.

For this journal, we have defined human services in the broadest sense, encompassing all those activities contributing toward the improvement in the human condition. Though we are originating here in the US, the international focus is critical to the conversation. Our commitment is to have at least one article that originates outside the US each issue.

The HST editorial board is in the process of development. We are waiting for a yes from people working in human services in several different countries; but elected to start with some of the best known and well respected professionals in human services in this country. You will recognize their names from conferences and publications related to human services. Please consider whether you have an area of expertise that would enhance this publication through your involvement on the editorial board. If you have suggestions for colleagues both nationally and internationally, please forward them. These editorial positions are not the passive review and return position of some traditional journals. HST needs board members to actively encourage authorship of ideas and activities, especially those that may be off the beaten path.

In the next issue a new section will be introduced. Called “In the Field”, it will highlight people and projects though short (up to 3 text pages) summaries and provides access for further information via email and/or webpage links. Also the next issue is an invited piece, “A Conflict Based Advocacy Strategy for Human Services.”

As we write this we feel the energy that the immediacy of an electronic journal generates and look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions as well as reviewing your manuscript or accepting your offer to serve on our editorial board.

Infusing Technology into a Human Services Curriculum: A Developmental Approach
Cramer & Hagen
Curriculum development to meet the changing needs of human service graduates is an ongoing process in most human service programs. In the Human Service Program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, curriculum review and development is addressed, in part, through the involvement of our Community Advisory Board which meets twice per year. This article will discuss how we infused technology into our program.

Determinants of Career Professional Development of Female Teachers in Uganda.
Dr. Alice Merab Kagoda
Education is a continuous process from birth to death and is a responsibility of a number of people.  Becoming a teacher is also a process that continues throughout one’s professional career. Supporting conditions can facilitate this process of continuously growing as a professional. This article discuss career professional development of female teachers in Uganda.

Shopping While Black:Applying the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to Cases of Consumer Racial Profiling
by Anne-Marie Harris, Esq.
Since the 1960s, a great deal of attention has been paid to eradicating discrimination in most sectors of U.S. society. However, most people are surprised to learn that consumer discrimination is not illegal per se. Currently, there are no laws that directly address the issue of discrimination against consumers. This article will describe Consumer Racial Profiling, discuss the relevant parts of two federal civil rights laws, summarize the case law since 1990 and argue that people of color will not be treated equally in the marketplace until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is amended and the Civil Rights Act of 1866 is interpreted more broadly.