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Workforce Reduction

Institutional Realignment Plan (IRP)

The Institutional Realignment Plan (IRP) was established to eliminate an estimated $18 million, FY 24 structural deficit at UWO. The goal of this plan is to ensure the continued financial viability of UWO through approximately $18 million of targeted cost reductions to help stabilize, reshape and realize a more durable UWO.

The Voluntary Retirement Incentive Options Program (VRIOP), furloughs and a reduction in workforce are the three primary components of the IRP.

Approximately 90% of our institutional expenses are related to employee payroll. The IRP must include a focus on reducing workforce costs.

The guiding principle of this plan is to prioritize our educational mission, shield the quality of the student experience and support employees through separations from UWO.

Institutional Realignment Plan

Learn more about UWO's plan to realign the institution.

Administrative Workforce Planning Workshop

An Administrative Workforce Planning Workshop occurred in early September to form a proposed layoff plan and decision-making framework. Human resources, budget professionals, a third-party consultant (contracted and funded by UW System) and UWO subject matter experts with first-hand knowledge and expertise in operational areas participated in the Workshop.

Key components/considerations included risk mitigation, adverse impact analysis, benchmarking data, assessments of units’ contributions to UWO’s core educational mission, role and skill assessments of employees and opportunities to realize efficiencies through reorganization and outsourcing.

Three primary criteria (as defined per UWS Policy 1232) were used when making final recommendations.

  • Needs of institution to deliver services.
  • Relative skills, knowledge, or expertise of employees.
  • Length of service to the classification, department and/or the University.


UWO Human Resources
(920) 424-1166


All employees will be given a three-month notification prior to the layoff effective date. This will be a shorter notice period than what is established for some Academic Staff employees, however, UWO’s budget deficit posture compels the institution to require less notice time than what is provisioned, pursuant to UWS 12.03 The below table outlines the timeline of upcoming events and will be updated as needed. 


October 16, 2023 (Morning)  Managers notified that a layoff(s) will be occurring in their unit. Resources provided to managers to help support both those impacted by layoffs and those that will be remaining within their units. 
October 16, 2023 (Before 5:00pm)  Initial notification will be sent to impacted employees inviting them to meet with Human Resources. Supervisors will be copied on this communication.  
October 18 – 20, 2023  Impacted employees will have 1:1 meeting with HR Representative to discuss layoff and resources available. 
October 20, 2023 (Before 5:00pm)  Impacted employees receive official layoff notification letter via email. 
October 23 – January 19, 2024  Impacted employees have the option to use accrued paid leave (vacation, paid leave bank, or personal/floating holidays) if they choose or continue reporting to work to assist with transition of responsibilities within unit/division. UWO may require employees selected for layoff to use accrued leave during this time. 
October 26 & November 8, 2023  Benefits Sessions hosted by UWSS Benefits addressing benefits impacts and options available to impacted employees.  

November 2 & November 8, 2023 


Rapid Response Events hosted by the Department of Workforce Development covering topics like Unemployment Insurance, Dislocated Worker Program, etc.  
October 24 – December 5, 2023  Employee Assistance Program is hosting several Online Webinars throughout these dates to help support impacted employees through the transition 
January 20, 2024  Layoff Effective Date 
January 31, 2024  Deadline for impacted employees to indicate interest in Priority Placement & Opportunity Program 


Employee Separation Resources

The Office of Human Resources & Workforce Diversity has created a webpage that contains resources for the employees at UW Oshkosh who are impacted by layoffs. The resources are intended to provide additional information in many different areas, such as navigating unemployment insurance, EAP Resources, information on benefits impacts, and getting support securing a new job opportunity. It also contains dates and times for various training and information sessions that will be offered to those impacted

Position Control Moving Forward


Position Accountability and Integrity Review (PAIR)

UW Oshkosh will be reopening the ability to fill positions through the recruitment process. There will, however, be additional controls in place to ensure the university stays accountable to the Institutional Realignment Plan (IRP) that was implemented to address the $18M structural deficit. These additional controls, referred to as the Position Accountability and Integrity Review (PAIR), will ensure the university realizes the permanent salary savings identified through the IRP.  


UW Oshkosh Priority Placement & Opportunity Program (PPOP)

For further information about this program and how UW-Oshkosh’s recruitment process will change to adapt to it please review the recruitment procedures information on our recruitment website. 


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