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For Employees Impacted by Layoff


This page contains resources for the employees at UW Oshkosh that are impacted by layoffs. These resources are intended to provide additional information in many different areas, such as navigating unemployment insurance and getting support securing a new job opportunity. It also contains dates and times for various training and information sessions that will be offered to those impacted. This page will be updated regularly, so please make sure to check back for additional resources. 

Unemployment Insurance

UW Oshkosh does not determine who is eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Eligibility and benefit levels are determined solely by the Department of Workforce Development. Unemployment benefits are also not uniform and can vary based on each individual’s circumstances. 


Unemployment Information

Employees who have received notification regarding layoff from the university are encouraged to learn about their eligibility for unemployment benefits and find information on how to apply, file a weekly claim, understand specific requirements, and more. 


If you have questions specific to UWO Workforce Reductions and Layoffs you may contact:

UWO Human Resources
(920) 424-1166



The Benefits Services team hosted remote informational sessions that provided employees with information on what to expect regarding their benefits during this transitional time.  These meetings outlined how each category of benefit will be handled, the options available to employees, and employees’ next steps. We encourage each employee to review the recorded Informational Session below before contacting UW System Benefits.

If you have any questions about how your benefits will be impacted, please contact UW System Benefits at or at (888)298-0141.

Employee Assistance Program 


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource that all employees are able to take advantage of.  Please visit our Employee Assistance Program webpage for a more comprehensive list of all the ways the EAP program can support employees and their families. You have access to these resources for up to a year after employment ends.  

If anyone needs information on EAP services and/or information on previous EAP sessions please reach out to the EAP Provider at: (833) 539-7285; TTY: (877) 334-0489; or online at

Services Available

Counseling Services

Up to six counseling sessions are available for issues affecting employees. Individuals may speak with a professional counselor by phone.  

Financial Services

A telephonic consultation with a qualified financial consultant is available to assist with a variety of financial concerns. 

Online Tools & Information

The EAP website is an interactive web-based, self-service solution. The site provides a wide array of life management tools to help members with a variety of personal and/or work-related issues in a private and convenient manner. 


Phone: (833) 539-7285 

TTY: (877) 334-0489 


Account set up code SOWI

Employment Resources 


UW Oshkosh Priority Placement & Opportunity Program

Through the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Priority Placement and Opportunity Program, eligible employees who have received notice of layoff or have otherwise been terminated due to budget or program decisions, are provided the opportunity to apply for non-instructional vacancies at UW-Oshkosh before they become available to the public. Eligible affected employees will receive an email with a link to employment opportunities and, if interested, may apply via the link. This program’s purpose is to provide priority placement, in accordance with UW-System and local policy, and to provide the opportunity to fill vacancies at an expedited process and retain the current talent on campus. Employees will have the opportunity to opt-in to the program from the time of invite following layoff notifications until January 31, 2024. 

For further information about this program and how UW-Oshkosh’s recruitment process will change to adapt to it please review the Standard Operating Procedures – Priority Placement & Opportunity Program (PPOP).  

If you are interested in joining the program and have not received an email regarding it following your layoff notification, or have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact the Human Resources and Workforce Diversity Office at  



Other UW System Opportunities

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point invite all eligible University of Wisconsin Oshkosh employees whom have received a formal notice of layoff, or termination due to budget or program decisions to participate in the UW-Milwaukee Priority Referral Program and the UW-Stevens Point Early Consideration for Vacancies Program. To learn more about each program, please see below. 

UW Milwaukee Priority Referral Program

UW Stevens Point Early Consideration for Vacancies Program


Please check out opportunities at our other Universities of Wisconsin institutions often. Use the links below to browse!

UW-Eau Claire UW-Madison UW-Parkside UW-Stevens Point UW-Whitewater
UW-La Crosse UW-Milwaukee UW-Platteville UW-Stout UW System Administration
UW-Green Bay UW Oshkosh UW-River Falls UW-Superior  



Outplacement Services

In the wake of the university restructuring, we have worked hard to develop services to support all staff. As a means of support, we have partnered with Turbo Transitions, a career transition service to provide Outplacement Services. A few of the many services offered include Career Coaching calls via phone or Teams, an Online Career Training Platform, and Resume Development.

Learn More About Turbo Transitions Services

Over the next few weeks, impacted employees can expect an email from their career coaches via their online platform, Honeybook. Please remember to check your junk folder as well.  If you have any questions about these services provided or have not received any information from them in the coming month, please contact their team at  

Local Workforce Events

Job Center of Wisconsin provides a listing of local and state job fairs and hiring events.

Appeal Information


For employees who wish to appeal the layoff process, please see the information linked below.

Academic Staff – Appeal Deadline 11/10/2023:


University Staff – Appeal Deadline 11/20/2023:

Other Resources


For access to additional resources, including economic resources, we encourage you to contact the following community supports.  

The Winnebago County Economic Support Division Team assesses eligibility for FoodShare (SNAP program), Badger Care (insurance) and Childcare Assistance for working families needing daycare.

United Way’s 211 program is the most comprehensive source of information about local resources and services. Local experts are available to help 24/7 and all calls to 211 are confidential and can be anonymous. 


Resources at United Way also include the SingleCare Employee Prescription Savings Card Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if I’m being laid off?  

Impacted employees will be notified the week of October 16th and offered in-person meetings with HR staff to discuss layoff status and resources available to them. 

I was notified that I am being laid off, now what?  

Impacted employees can schedule in-person meetings with HR staff October 18 – 20, 2023 to discuss layoff status and resources available to them. In the coming months, impacted employees may choose to use accrued paid leave (vacation, paid leave bank, or personal/floating holidays) via normal approval processes or continue reporting to work to assist with transition of responsibilities within unit/division. UWO may require employees selected for layoff to use accrued leave during this time.

What if employees still have questions regarding their benefits after attending a benefits session?  

They can contact UW System Benefits with all additional questions at or call at (888) 298-0141.  

How do I contact the Employee Assistance Program? 

  • Call a counselor or coach anytime, 24/7, every day of the year:  
  • Phone: (833) 539-7285;    TTY: (877) 334-0489; or
  • online at
    You will need to set up an account to access the EAP resources online using code: SOWI.

How is furlough impacted for those that are being laid off? 

Employees impacted by layoff will have their furlough assignment removed and salary restored effective 10/22/23. This also means that their original furlough assignment will be prorated to apply to only the first 3 pay periods of the furlough program. Prorated amounts are as follows based on salary tier:

Base Salary* 

Furlough Days Originally Assigned 

Prorated Number of Furlough Days


















1/2 day (4 hours)



1/2 day (4 hours)

 If an employee has already observed and entered an appropriate amount of furlough, they do not need any further action. If an employee observed more furlough then they needed to, no additional money will come out and they should stop observing any more furlough. If an employee has not observed enough or any furlough yet, they should observe and record their prorated amount of furlough within the next couple of pay periods. 

What happens to my Titan Dollar Balance?  

Employees who are leaving the University can apply for a Titan Dollars Refund for balances over $25.00.  The form to request a refund can be found here.  Refunds will be sent to the cashier’s office for processing and a check will be mailed to the address you list on the form.  If you have any questions about your Titan Dollars balance, please contact Shirin Skifstad, Titan Central Manager, at or 920-424-1219.

What does an impacted employee do if they do not wish to take part in outplacement services provided by Turbo Transitions? 

They will want to send an email at letting us know that they wish to opt out of this program.  

What if I am an employee interested in being provided outplacement services, but never received an email from Turbo Transitions? 

The employee will want to first check their junk folder, and if they do not have an email from them or HoneyBook they will want to contact Turbo Transitions directly at 

Will employees remain in pay status during the events being hosted for employees? 

Employees may remain in pay status for benefits sessions, rapid response events, and employee assistance programs. However, employees cannot remain in pay status during the off-site career fair being hosted by the department of workforce development.  

What do we need to complete for offboarding before our final days with UW- Oshkosh? 

Please review our offboarding guidance

Will employees being laid off  or positions ending due to the workforce reduction still be required to complete a 2023 Performance Evaluation?
No, they will not. Neither the employee nor their supervisor will be required to complete an evaluation. The HR office will be formally cancelling their form in the system so they will stop receiving e-mails and will not show as overdue. An evaluation can be reopened if requested and if an employee moves to another position, they will start a new form. 
What should I do about my parking permit ?

Please use this main Parking email address ( for payroll deduction matters.

For impacted employees, please have them email parking and note their last day of parking on campus so that they can do a prorated refund/adjust their payroll deduction.

  Phone:  (920) 424-1166

  Fax: (920) 424- 2021


Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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