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The Office of Human Resources & Workforce Diversity is pleased to announce the formation of the Workplace Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisory Council.

The Workplace DEI Advisory Council brings together members of the campus community to have open and honest conversations on how to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The Workplace DEI Advisory Council will guide the campus to create a respectful and inclusive working community in which individuals appreciate their uniqueness, understand their differences, and find common purpose.

While we have taken some initial steps toward this end, we recognize the need to make a renewed and fortified commitment to improving DEI at UW Oshkosh. We are excited to share with you who we are and keep you informed of what we are working on.

Workplace DEI Mission

Diversity is a driving force behind our achievements as a university that constantly strives for innovation, creativity and progress.  Each individual’s unique abilities, talents, culture, identity, and life experiences contribute to the foundation of our success as an institution and as a community seeking to improve the world around us through education and research.  

As an employer, we are committed to providing equal opportunity for employment and advancement in all our divisions, departments and programs.  Creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that thrives on individual differences is of paramount importance to us.  For that reason, our mission as the Workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council is to foster measurable progress toward achieving equity in our University’s programs, policies, procedures and other good-faith efforts.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity drives innovation, creativity, and progress. At the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, the culture, identities, life experiences, unique abilities, and talents of every individual contribute to the foundation of our success. Creating and maintaining an inclusive and equitable environment is of paramount importance to us. This pursuit prepares all of us to be global citizens who will contribute to the betterment of the world. We are committed to a university culture that provides everyone with the opportunity to thrive. 


UWO abides by the following action items to help promote continuous improvement in diversity and inclusion in our workplace:  


Establish expectations and monitor the progress of all employees to promote, model and encourage diversity and inclusive actions. 

  • Practice and encourage transparent communication in all interactions. 
  • Hold Senior Leadership accountable in their performance evaluations for DEI initiatives.  
  • Assess and report aggregate data on DEI dimension of performance evaluations.  

Employ sound assessment practices to generate and aggregate quantitative and qualitative data related to equity to make incremental, measurable progress toward the visibility of our diversity, inclusion and equity efforts.  

  • Review current climate surveys, identify gaps and collaborate on an updated approach to climate data.  
  • Collect and review data on HR/EOEAA practices.  
  • Collect and review data on AAP to provide informed goals and strategic recruitment plans.  

Pool resources and expand offerings for marginalized constituents by connecting with other organizations committed to diversity and inclusion efforts.  

  • Commit time and resources to expand more diverse leadership within our leadership, staff, committees, and advisory boards. 
Cultural Competence

Pursue broad cultural competencies with the understanding of intersectionalities throughout our organization by creating substantive learning opportunities. 

  • Develop and present sessions on diversity, inclusion, equity and intersectionality to provide information and resources internally, and externally to members of the community. 
  • Visual Branding & communication 
  • Encourage exploration and professional development  
Intentionality in Human Resources

Develop a system of human resource practices that intentionally fosters a culture of inclusion.   

  • Explore potential underlying, unquestioned assumptions that interfere with inclusiveness. 
  • During the hiring, promotion, and evaluation process ensure we are training our hiring teams on equitable practices and consciousness of bias.  
  • Review and monitor best practices and trends in the HR/EOEAA field to implement continuous improvement.  

Encourage all employees to provide informed, authentic leadership for cultural equity. 

  • Help to challenge assumptions about what it takes to be a strong leader at our organization and who is well-positioned to provide leadership. 
  • Improve our cultural leadership pipeline by creating and supporting programs and policies that foster leadership that reflects the diversity of society. 

Ensure policies promote diversity, inclusion, and equity. Challenge systems and policies that create inequity, oppression, and disparity. 

  • Acknowledge and dismantle any inequities within our policies, systems, programs, and services, and continually update and report organization progress. 
  • Advocate for and support board-level thinking about how systemic inequities impact out organizations work, and how best to address that in a way that is consistent with our mission. 

Recognize diversity, inclusion, and equity as critical to the wellbeing and safety of everyone in our community.  

  • Lead with affirmation, respect, and validation. We expect all faculty and staff to embrace this notion and to express it in workplace interactions and through everyday practices. 

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