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UW Oshkosh Organizational Core Competencies


1. Job Knowledge and Technical Skills

Demonstrates proficiency in technical and job knowledge aspects of the position to achieve a high level of performance; possesses an ability and desire to learn. Starts with the position description and identifies the “big rocks” of the position — the half dozen or so most important tasks, duties, outcomes or responsibilities of the position.

  • Is skilled in those specialties demanded by assignment

  • Demonstrates a clear understanding of the role and scope of assignments & responsibilities

  • Fully understands department/university procedures and regulations

  • Has a university-wide perspective


2. Self-Awareness and Professional Development

Proactively looks for opportunities to develop own skills and related behaviors in areas of expertise in an effort to maximize performance and effectiveness.

  • Examines and acknowledges personal strengths, weaknesses and biases, articulating strategies to compensate for them including: (1) effective use of tools and strategies, e.g. to include professional growth activities through training, seminars, self-study; (2) respectful reliance on others’ support or strengths

  • Modifies personal behavior on the basis of the desired goal or work group needs

  • Uses mistakes as a learning opportunity


3. Communication and Personal Effectiveness

Effectively communicates with stakeholders to share and express information in an ethical and forthright manner.

  • Engages in active listening by holding interruptions and responding concisely

  • Tailors communication to suit the situation and achieve the desired outcome

  • Accepts positive, constructive and negative feedback gracefully in the spirit of genuine improvement

  • Recognizes the uniqueness of everyone and values them as individuals; recognizes and respects cultural differences


4. Customer Orientation

Empathetically seeks understanding of what stakeholders require and expect and uses available resources, policies and opportunities in their best interest without compromising institutional values.

  • Gives customers full attention, asks appropriate clarifying questions when necessary, and understands and responds quickly to needs of internal and external customers

  • Addresses customers’ concerns with courtesy and respect even when upset; demonstrates sincere care and works to build a “win-win” relationship

  • Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers


5. Collaborating and Partnership

Effectively develops relationships and collaborates with all stakeholders; values teamwork and applies a variety of strategies to meet the needs of a diverse constituency.

  • Balances own responsibilities with interests of team and/or department; respects group goals

  • Readily and respectfully shares knowledge, responsibilities and expertise with others

  • Fulfills commitments to other team members

  • Demonstrates positive influences within groups/teams by promoting a friendly climate, good morale and cooperation

  • Demonstrates effective team skills such as facilitation, listening, conflict resolution, creativity and problem solving


6. Achievement Orientation:

Has a strong sense of urgency about proactively solving problems and getting work done; gains support for ideas, proposals, projects and solutions, takes initiative.

  • Sets challenging goals for self and others

  • Focuses on work activities that add value to the department and University

  • Builds reliable relationship networks before they are needed; builds support for ideas

  • Plans, prioritizes and organizes work effectively

  • Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work


7. Leadership:

Demonstrates institutional responsibility, administrative skill, as well as a commitment to and a vision for public service; demonstrates ability to achieve positive outcomes by encouraging, supporting, coaching, developing and mentoring others.

  • Steadfastly maintains focus on goals and brings clarity and decisiveness in a crisis

  • Adapts or incorporates new workplace responsibilities, methods, processes and technology effectively

  • Interprets and explains to decision makers the impact of issues on department or University performance

  • Encourages and supports others who experience professional challenges; works together to identify potential solutions


Additional for supervisors:

  • Regularly reviews performance and holds timely performance appraisal and goal setting discussions

  • Holds people accountable and takes corrective action when necessary

  • Encourages and rewards effort, hard work, and results

  • Facilitates and creates compelling vision that drives the strategy of the department and/or University

  • Accomplishes major strategic goals according to established timelines

  • Demonstrates commitment to employee health and safety


(Revised 5-10)

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