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Supervisors of Student Employees

Information for staff hiring and managing students. To complete the hiring process, please work with your department's Employing Unit Coordinator (EUC).

Student Employment Eligibility

Hiring and Updating Processes

Credit Enrollment Requirement

    • Fall/Spring Term Employment: at least half-time enrollment (6 credits undergraduate; 4.5 credits graduate)
    • Summer Session: at least 3.0 undergraduate and graduate OR at least half-time for upcoming Fall term
    • May hire student attending another accredited school; student must meet minimum credit requirements and provide hard copy of class schedule showing credits enrolled; will pay FICA (soc sec tax) if not a UW System school

Total Hours Eligible to Work Guidelines

If student has more than one campus job, supervisors must work together between deparments to coordinate total hours student is working per week.

    • Students are to work no more than 25 hours per week during the academic year; International Students are to work no more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session; between all jobs combined, including lump sum paid jobs.
    • Please see the work eligibility schedule for details:
    • Work with your student to ensure compliance with the hours limitation. We are required to submit this information to the IRS on a monthly basis as it relates to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate for offering health insurance to employees. More information regarding the ACA mandate can be found here:

What is FICA?

    • FICA is essentially Social Security tax.
    • Students enrolled in school do not have to pay FICA; when not enrolled students will pay FICA tax.
    • For summer session if students are not enrolled, they will pay FICA even if enrolled in upcoming Fall term.

Required Hiring Paperwork

Work with your department Employing Unit Coordinator (EUC) for paperwork processing.

Timesheet Assistance

If employee is not starting on the first day of the pay period, they must view their first timesheet by day to enter hours.

All hours must be entered by the end of the last day of the pay period

All hours must be approved by 12noon on the Tuesday after the pay period

See approval deadline schedule for exceptions

Payment Options

All students must be paid through the hourly process unless the job responsibilities fall within UW System criteria for a lump sum, e.g. community advisers in Residence Life.

Lump sum payments must be pre-approved. Submit a position description with detailed justification to prior to student being hired.

Lump Sum Position Description Justification Form

Upon approval, the lump sum payment form must be submitted outlining the amount, frequency, and number of payments. The form is due to Human Resources the first Monday of the pay period in which the employee is to be paid.


Student Job Classifications

To determine the appropriate job classification (job code) to use, evaluate the extent of the job duties to be performed on a regular basis. For more specifics on the classification specifications, refer to the link below.

    • Student Help (HRS job code 94870) - classification requiring close supervision and decision making limited; pay range of $7.25 - $9.25 per hour
    • Student Help Intermediate (HRS job code 94871): classification requiring some independent judgement and intiative; pay range of $7.90 - $12.00 per hour
    • Student Help Advanced (HRS job code 94872): classification requiring some advanced or specialized knowledge; includes graduate students and duties in teaching or administration; pay range of $8.90 - $17.00 per hour
    • Student Job Classification Specifications Reference

Submission Deadlines

  • Timesheet Approvals - 12noon on Tuesday after pay period; refer to approval deadlines for exceptions
  • Hiring Paperwork - to Human Resources by end of week being hired
  • Lump Sum Payments - to Human Resources by first Monday of pay period in which the payment is to be made; refer to pay period deadlines for exceptions
  • Wage Change Requests - to Human Resources for approval week before effective date of change


Pay Rate Changes, Funding, and Job End Dates

Work with your Employing Unit Coordinator for processing needs.

Student Appointment Form

Pay Rate (Wage) Increase Request

Lump Sum Payment Request


Work Study

  • Any monies paid prior to the acceptance of a work study award are not eligible for work study assistance.
  • Students paid from Grant funded accounts (144 accounts) are not eligilbe to recieve work study assistance.

Work Rules

All student hourly positions are at-will positions and may be terminated at any time provided the reason is not prohibited by law. It is the University's position that the University of Wisconsin System Classified Employees Work Rules apply to student employees in the same manner as they apply to staff.


Need Assistance?

For processing questions, contact your department Employing Unit Coordinator for student employment.

For employee relations concerns, contact Jodi Anthony at 424-2070 or

Information for Student Employees

Information for Employing Unit Coordinators

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