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Title Change Procedures for a University Staff Position

Title Change Request Form

When the duties or functions of a filled University Staff position evolve so that the current title is no longer the “best fit”, a title change of the filled position may occur. As a result of the title change, the pay schedule/range corresponding to the filled position may also change. Changes in duties may either affect the title and salary grade positively (upgrade) or negatively (downgrade). This guideline explains the steps in the title review process for University Staff positions with an incumbent, pay implications and appeal rights for employees. Prior to submitting a formal request for title review, the Dean/Division Head, in consultation with the supervisor should discuss the potential impact to the incumbent.

Process Considerations

  • Changes in duties may or may not necessitate a change in title or pay.
  • An employee must complete one year in current title of a continuous appointment prior to requesting a title change.
  • An employee must have completed the new duties a minimum of six months in a continuous appointment prior to requesting a title change.
  • Title determinations are made by Human Resources and shall not be effective prior to the first pay period following receipt of the complete request in Human Resources.
  • Supervisors and/or university staff can work with Human Resources to discuss:

(1) The title review process;

(2) The specifications for the position’s present classification, the proposed classification, and related classifications; and

(3) A broad perspective of the composition of the entire department/unit/campus.


Request for Title Review Procedures

  1. A request for title review is initiated by the supervisor when submitting the University Staff Title Review form. This request includes explanation for the change in duties including identification of former and current duties, the revised position description, and new organizational chart.
  2. The University Staff Title Review committee will review and analyze the changes to the position’s duties. The results of the title review will be communicated via notification from Human Resources to include the new title and salary range. Salary implications shall be determined as required by the University Staff compensation policy.
  3. If the requested title review results in either a proposal of an alternate title from what was requested, or a denial of a title change, the person initiating the request for title review may subsequently request a review of the decision by providing additional documentation that substantively supports the original request.


University Staff Title Review Committee

The University Staff Title Review Committee may consist of two or three members from the Office of Human Resources and one Equity and Affirmative Action representative.

Below are the considerations of the committee members when reviewing a title review request:

  • Ensure that employees are properly titled by confirming the majority of duties are within scope of the recommended title.
  • Review similar positions, if any, at our campus and/or other UW System campuses to ensure consistency in titles.
  • An employee must complete one year in current title of a continuous appointment prior to requesting a title change.
  • An employee must have completed the new duties a minimum of six months in a continuous appointment prior to requesting a title change.
  • The change in duties from the old and new position description cannot exceed 50% or the position is considered “new” and the position must be recruited.


University Staff Title Appeal Procedures

  1. Upon receipt of the title and pay range notice from Human Resources, the Department/Division and/or employee may file an appeal to the Title Appeal Committee.The written request must include rationale for the appeal request, including any relevant policy or title specifications to support the appellant’s position.
  2. The appeal must be filed within 21 calendar days of the receipt of the title notification and must be submitted directly to the AVC of Human Resources.
  3. The Title Appeal Committee will review, and to the extent possible, make a final determination and provide notification within 21 days of receipt of the appeal. The AVC of Human Resources decision is final.


University Staff Title Appeal Committee

The University Staff Title Appeal Committee may include the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, Director of Equity and Affirmative Action, and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Below are the considerations of the committee members when considering a title appeal request:

  • Recommendations either for or against the title should be based solely upon evidence of an error in the classification determination in accordance with the classification specifications.
  • Title appeal requests, which result in a finding that the position description reviewed was inaccurate, will be denied and the department/division or employee may resubmit a title review with an accurate position description.
  • A committee member unable to remain objective due to a current/past working, or personal relationship with the appellant shall recuse himself or herself from the process.
  • Committee members shall also recuse themselves in title appeal cases initiated from their employment department.
  • A written notification of the panel’s determination shall include reasons for the determination to the appellant.
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