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Reclassification Procedures for a University Staff Position


Chapter 370


Classification Policies and Procedures for the analysis of reclassification and reallocation requests of the Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook requires that we reclassify each position in university service to an appropriate class on the basis of its authority, responsibilities or other factors recognized in the job evaluation process. While we will continue to use Chapter 370 to evaluate classification requests, we have developed a UW Oshkosh campus procedure that will:

  1. Ensure that employees are properly classified;

  2. Give a structured approach to the reclassification procedure to assist supervisors and university staff;

  3. Use a broad-based campus procedure to promote equity in decision-making;

  4. Allow UW Oshkosh to make management decisions around available resources.

To conduct a thorough analysis of the position's changes, several steps are involved in the review process including:

  1. A meeting with the employee to clarify information provided on the reclassification form and gain a better understanding of the knowledge, skills, and abilities involved in performing the job duties.  Human Resources will initiate scheduling this meeting at a mutually convenient time in your work area.

  2. A separate meeting with the immediate supervisor may take place to obtain additional information.

  3. Following the meetings, Human Resources will utilize various resources to obtain information about similar positions, if any, at our campus and/or other UW System campuses.

  4. The outcome of the reclassification request process will be communicated in writng to  the employee and the supervisor.


Request for a Reclassification Procedure:

I. Consulting with the Human Resources Office regarding a potential request for reclassification:

  1. Supervisors and/or classified staff can work with a Human Resources Manager to discuss: (1) the reclassification process; (2) the specifications for the position’s present classification, the proposed classification, and related classifications; and (3) more broadly looking at the composition of the entire department/unit.

  2. If requested, a Human Resources Manager will work with a supervisor and/or university staff to help update or create a position description, or other materials required for the request for reclassification.

  3. A Human Resources Manager will continue to serve as a “consultant” when working with the supervisor and/or classified staff in this process.

  4. A Human Resources Manager will work with the supervisor and/or university staff on possible progression planning.

II. Receipt of the request for reclassification materials by the Human Resources Office:

  1. Requests for reclassification will consist of the following materials:

    1. “Request for Reclassification” form signed by the supervisor(s), the unit head, and division head

    2. “Reclassification Analysis Form”

    3. Updated position description

    4. Old position description

    5. A performance evaluation done in the past two years

  2. The university staff employee and supervisor will receive an acknowledgement by the Human Resources Office that the request for reclassification was received and is complete. If not complete, the missing materials will be requested of the supervisor.

  3. The “effective date”, should the request for reclassification be approved, is the first pay period after the date in which all materials required for the reclassification are received by the Human Resources Office.

III. Evaluation of the request by the Human Resources Manager will follow Chapter 370 of the Wisconsin statutes.

IV. The campus decision on the reclassification request:

A “Reclassification Committee” will be formed to give a recommendation on the request for reclassification. This committee will consist of three or four members from the Office of Human Resources.

V. Budgetary responsibilities:

Should the request for reclassification be approved, the department/unit will be responsible for the increased salary.

These two forms must be completed:

Mail completed forms to: Human Resources, Dempsey 328, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI 54901

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