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Absence and Timesheet Entry & Approval Processes (HRS Self-Service)

Information found here relates to absence and timesheet self-service processes (entry and approval) for employees and supervisors.


Assistance is Available

  • Assistance is available for all employees and supervisors for entry and approval. This is not for full training. On-line videos and handouts are available for viewing below.
  • Employees and supervisors are welcome to stop in the Human Resources office, call, or email for assistance and someone will assist you as quickly as possible. Office hours are 7:45am - 4:30pm. Additional time available upon request.


Updating Time Approvers for Absences and Timesheets

  • Complete the request form to update time approvers for all employee types EXCEPT Student Employees
  • Student Employee time approver changes are to be completed by the Student Employment Employing Unit Coordinator for the corresponding department.
  • Time Approver Changes Request Form

Absence and Time Administration (TA) Process

Absence Processing

  • Absence enter and approval process is real time - supervisor can approve immediately; absence will show on timesheet immediately (even if not yet approved)
  • Employee can tell status of absence request on timesheet and in Request Absence, View Absence Request History
  • Absence will not show as payable time (in the Summary of Hours on timesheet) until after the absence process runs
  • Absence process runs immediately before Time Administration (TA)

Time Administration (TA - Timesheet) Processing

  • Entry and usage rules are checked and the system evaluates and processes the reported time entered
  • Payable Time is creted after TA runs. All "Reported Time" that has been entered into HRS since the last TA process has been run, for the current or prior pay periods, will be evaluated by TA and either Payable Time or Exceptions will be created.
  • Payable Time will be approved by the employee's supervisor. In HRS, Payable Time is the type of time that is approved on the timesheet. It is separate from Absence approvals.
  • Exceptions are created when TA evaluates the reported time and the system is unable to determine how to recate payable time or the way the time has been reported is incomplete or "breaks the rules."
  • TA process typically takes one (1) hour to evaluate. TA Runs 7 times every day, 7 days a week: 4:00am, 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 7:00pm, and overnight


Payroll Schedule (monthly and bi-weekly)

Approval Schedule (bi-weekly)


KnowledgeBase (KB) On-Line Reference (


HRS Self-Service How-To Training Videos


Temporary and

Student Employees

University Staff

(ADA, Custodian, Trades, USA)

University Staff Exempt

(Approvers, Many IT Staff)


of All Classifications

Timesheet Entry

Absence and Timesheet Entry

Absence and
Timesheet Entry

Manager Absence and
Timsheet Approval

*NOTE: The Exempt Timesheet is in whole hours per day, not in/out times. Exempt emlpoyees must add a row to indicate night and  weekend differentials and overtime/comp time. See Time Reporting Code handout for details on which codes to utilize.

Video Segments
HRS System Processes Biweekly Absence Entry
Manager Absence Approval
Manager Timesheet Approval


Reference Materials


and Student Employees

University Staff

(ADA, Custodian, Trades, USA)

University Staff Exempt

(Supervisors, Many IT Staff)


(Faculty, Academic Staff)

Entering Time Reference Time and Absence Reference Requesting Absence and
Timesheet Management
Requesting Absence Approval Reference Guide
(all employees)
Requesting Absence Using "Extra" Legal Holiday
(Floating Holiday)
Floating Holiday Reference
Temporary and Student
Approval Reference
Entering Comp Time
Earned and Used (NE)
Reports Guide
Night Shift Employees (NE) Time Reporting Codes (TRC)
General Legal Holiday  (NE) HRS Basic Terminology
Part-Time Employees ONLY
Legal Holiday Reference
Night Shift (5:00pm - 1:00am)
Employees ONLY
Legal Holiday Reference
University Police and Power Plant
Legal Holiday Reference
Using "Extra" Legal Holiday
(Floating Holiday)
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Time Reporting Codes (TRC)
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