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Weight Watchers at Work—Laura Zirbel

Laura Zirbel_LargeDate Joined: June 2012
Weight Loss Goal: To be mid-range healthy BMI—“I just want to be healthy.”
Total weight loss to date: 25 pounds


Laura Zirbel joined Weight Watchers at Work through UW Oshkosh in June 2012 after being encouraged to attend the open house Weight Watchers was hosting on campus.

“I go to the meetings every week because it gets my mind refocused so I don’t just give up,” Zirbel said. “It’s really handy to have the meetings here at UW Oshkosh because I can go on my lunch break.”

Since joining Weight Watchers, Zirbel has lost 25 pounds, and said the biggest difference for her is how she thinks about food.

“I am more conscious of what I am putting into my mouth and I am evaluating it,” Zirbel said. “I always try to pick a better choice and watch the quantities of what I am eating.”

Before joining Weight Watchers, Zirbel said she the weight on the scale just kept creeping up. She said she would lose a little and then gain a little.

“I want it [my weight loss] to come from a lifestyle change, not from a ‘do whatever it takes to get it off’ diet because I can’t restrict myself like that for the long-term,” Zirbel said.

Being a part of Weight Watchers at Work allows Zirbel to feel part of a group with the same goals in mind, as well as a group to help hold her accountable to her weight loss goals.

“I get inspired by our leader and others in the group,” Zirbel said. “Their success helps you build your own success.”

Learn more about the Weight Watchers at Work program at UW Oshkosh and other health and wellness programs at

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