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Weight Watchers at Work—Barbara Beuscher

Barbara Beuscher_LargeAge: 36
Weight Loss Goal: 60 pounds
Total weight loss to date: 40 pounds (wants to lose 20 more)


“I looked at a picture of myself a friend gave me and I couldn’t believe it—it was the wake up call I needed,” Barbara Beuscher, the College of Letters and Science director of development, said.

Beuscher said she joined Weight Watchers to lose weight and obtain a healthier lifestyle and set a goal of losing 60 pounds.

“With Weight Watchers, you have the 5 percent and 10 percent goals, which helps me know that I can do it,” Beuscher said. “I set another goal to lose 40 pounds by a wedding I was attending, and I achieved that goal two months early.”

Beuscher, who said she wants to lose 20 more pounds, said she keeps the photo that spurred her to lose weight to remind her of her goal, and also attends the weekly Weight Watchers meeting held on campus to learn helpful strategies.

“It’s super-convenient having the meetings on campus during lunch because with  my busy family it would be harder to attend night or weekend meetings,” Beuscher said.

Participating in Weight Watchers has helped Beuscher change her lifestyle and make good choices, and she said having others on campus helps her learn new strategies.

“I have met so many people from across campus at the meetings that I would not have met otherwise,” Beuscher said. “There is no judgment—we are all working toward a goal.”

Beuscher also participated in the free Personal Health Assessments (PHA) UW Oshkosh offered in the spring of 2013, which she said helped her see where she was at with her health. Beuscher also joined the Healthy Titans fitness program, which helps her fit exercise into her daily routine.

“I knew I would see more results if I got back into the habit of exercising regularly,” Beuscher said. “Healthy Titans helped me know what I am capable of.”

Learn more about the Weight Watchers at Work program at UW Oshkosh and other health and wellness programs at

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