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University Staff Temporary Employment


If you are interested in a University Staff temporary employment (USTE) position at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, complete a UW Oshkosh USTE application form and submit to the Office of Human Resources. This form can be downloaded and filled out electronically or printed and submitted as a hard copy. Human Resources will keep this application on file for approximately six months. UST employment is temporary work that could last for one day or could continue for an extended period of time. This is temporary work and cannot "work into" permanent employment.

Current Temporary Employment Opportunities:

Office Support - General

Custodian - Open Positions

Answers to Common Questions Asked by University Staff Temporary Employees (USTE)

What are my responsibilities as an USTE?

As an employee of the University you are responsible for the following:
Adhering to work rules.
Completing all payroll forms within the first three days of employment.
Signing an USTE acknowledgement form which explains the rights, limitations and benefits of temporary employment.
Contacting the Human Resources Manager if you are interested in more work when you are done with your assignment.

What are my possibilities of continuing with UST employment?

You must inform the Human Resources Manager if you are interested in further employment. You will be given referral consideration for future limited term openings if you have the appropriate experience, qualifications, and an acceptable performance recommendation from your previous supervisor(s). You may be required to compete in the interview process upon referral to future openings.

How will I be paid and when do I receive my deposit?

The hourly wage is determined by Human Resources in accordance with the position's duties. State and federal taxes will be deducted from your pay based on earnings and the number of exemptions you have claimed on the W-4 form provided upon employment. Social Security will also be deducted.
Pay periods consist of a two week period starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday of the following week.
Time worked is entered into HRS and is approved electronically by your supervisor. Instructions on how to enter time in HRS is available at:

As an USTE, am I eligible for any benefits?

Generally, USTE receive minimal benefits. Under certain circumstances, USTEs may be eligible for retirement and insurance coverage (see below).
USTEs are covered by Social Security. Social Security taxes will be deducted from your paycheck. The State of Wisconsin pays a matching share toward your Social Security coverage. The taxable wage base and tax rate are subject to periodic adjustments.
If you are injured on the job, you may be eligible for worker's compensation benefits. Contact the Worker's Compensation Coordinator at 424-2070 for more information.
USTEs are not eligible for sick leave, vacation or holiday pay.

What is the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and how do I become eligible?

The Wisconsin Retirement System provides retirement (pension) benefits to UW employees and to most public employees across the state of Wisconsin. If you are eligilbe for the WRS, you are enrolled automatically as it is a manadatory program. The WRS is administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF).

If you do not meet the below eligibility requirements when you are first hired, you will be covered under WRS once you meet the requirements or are expected to meet the requirements. A member of the benefits staff monitors this program on a continuous basis and will notify you when you become eligible. She will meet with you to discuss the options available to you.
If you first became a WRS participating employee on or after July 1, 2011, you are eligible for the WRS if you are expected to work at least 2/3 of full-time for at least one year - 2/3 of full-time is equal to 1,200 hours wokred per year (58% appointment).
If you first became a WRS participating employee prior to July 2, 2011, you are eligible for the WRS if you are expected to work at least 1/3 of full-time for at least one year - 1/3 of full-time is equal to 600 hours worked per year (29% appointment).
If you are a retiree with WRS annuity, talk with the Human Resources office. Regulations may differ for retirees.

Once I am on retirement, are there any additional benefits?

When you are eligible for the retirement program you become eligible for three major insurance programs:
Group Health Insurance - You are eligible for Group Health Insurance immediately upon becoming a member of the WRS. After you have paid into the WRS for six months, as a State employee, a portion of the premium is paid by the State. This portion of the premium paid by the State is determined by the number of hours you work in a calendar year (between 600 and 1044 hours the State pays 45% of the premium, between 1044 and 2088 hours the State pays 90%).
Group Life Insurance - After completing six months under the Wisconsin Retirement System, you are eligible for the Group Life Insurance. The Group Life Insurance is a term life insurance and builds no cash value. Under this plan, you have insurance equal to your annual earnings rounded to the next higher thousand. The State pays approximately 55% of the cost of this insurance. An additional amount of insurance of 100%, 200%, 300%, 400% or 500% is available. You also have the option to carry spouse and dependent coverage. The Group Life Insurance provides for a paid-up policy at retirement (age 65 or older) with a reduced amount of coverage. You may obtain coverage by completing an application and returning it to the Human Resources Office within 30 days of completing six months under the retirement program.
Income Continuation Insurance - After completing six months under the WRS you are eligible for the Income Continuation Insurance. This insurance will pay approximately 75% of your gross salary if you should become disabled. There is a 22-day waiting period from the first date of disability before the insurance goes into effect. You pay the full premium which is determined by computing your average monthly salary and using Category 1 of the rate chart as shown in the Income Continuation brochure.
When you qualify for health insurance coverage with the State of Wisconsin you are eligible to participate in several additional insurance programs for which you would pay the full cost. At the time you become eligible, information on each benefit will be made available to you.

If I am off work for a period of time, how do I pay for my insurance?

You must notify the USTE Manager (424-2279) any time you are going to be off the payroll for an entire pay period. You may be required to write a personal check to cover your premiums. If premiums are not paid in the proper pay period, it may result in cancellation of coverage. If you are covered by Group Health Insurance, this may result in having a 180-day waiting period for pre-existing conditions upon re-application for the coverage. If you are covered by life insurance you may have to prove insurability in order to re-apply.
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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is an Equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. UW Oshkosh considers candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

The University of Wisconsin System will not reveal the identities of applicants who request confidentiality in writing, except that the identity of the successful candidate will be released. See Wis. Stat. sec. 19.36(7).

Employment will require a criminal background check. UW Oshkosh complies with the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act with regard to nondiscrimination on the basis of arrest and/or conviction record.

For UW Oshkosh campus safety / security information, see University Police Annual Report, or call the Human Resources Office at 920/424-1166 for a paper copy.

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