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Sustainable Residence Halls


Following LEED criteria, Taylor Hall was renovated in 2005. Renovations included adding more efficient heating and cooling systems, more windows that allow natural light to be used, new plumbing and water systems, and the use of LED lighting.

Taylor Hall Sustainable Features:

  • Energy efficient windows
  • Extra thick insulation
  • Individual room climate control
  • 16 rooftop solar thermal panels used to
    heat water that produce 1,300 therms annually
Sustainable Residence Halls Taylor

Horizon Village, our newest residence hall, sits on the corner of Algoma Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue. It opened in the fall of 2012 and received the LEED Gold certification in May 2013. Materials from the former Breese, Nelson, and Clemens Halls, which Horizon replaced, were used in the construction.


Horizon Village Sustainable Features:

  • Geothermal energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels in heating and cooling the building
    • 56 geothermal wells are placed underground for heating water for the building
  • Each individual room has a temperature control gauge to allow residence to minimize their heat use
  • Numerous energy-efficient elements, including windows to fully maximize natural lighting
  • Solar collectors to supply electricity to the hall
  • Green roofs, which feature live plants that help lessen runoff from the building
    • Also adds insulation in the winter and provides natural cooling through evaporative cooling in the summer
  • Bamboo and cork, renewable materials that are environmentally friendly, were used for walls and floors
  • Retention gardens as landscaping to purify and slow storm water
  • A small amphitheater for social interaction and events
  • A 80-bicycle storage area to allow residents storage and promote sustainable transportation
  • The outdoor patio and indoor fireplace are made out of limestone from previous halls
Sustainable Residence Halls Horizon