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Wise Up about Water

Over 71% of our Earth’s surface is covered by water, but only 1% of this limited resource is available for drinking. Due to increases in water shortages around the world, as well as a decrease in the general quality of the Earth’s water, this resource needs to be preserved. Do your part to save this necessary, but limited resource, and follow these tips.

Shorter Shower

A 10-minute shower uses over 25 gallons of water. If one takes a shower for this long every day the water used quickly adds up. Make it a personal goal to reduce your shower time by one-minute everyday, until you reach only 5 minutes. Remember every minute you shorten 2.5 gallons are saved!

Turn off the Tap

One easy way to conserve water is to turn off or reduce water flow while brushing your teeth, shaving, or doing your dishes. You can save gallons of water per day just by turning off the tap.

Fix It Fast

Small leaks can add up quickly to gallons of water lost. In fact, a faucet leaking 60 drops per minute will waste up to 192 gallons per month and 2,304 gallons per year. If you find a leak in your residence hall submit a work order to housing to get it fixed. Every drop counts and you could help prevent the loss. To submit a work order visit:

Don’t Dump

Street drains often run into main waterways, such as streams, creeks, and lakes. Be conscious of the type of materials you use to wash your car, fertilize your lawn, or spray for weeds. Often times the chemicals that are in these substances end up in the street drains, eventually contaminating our waterways.

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