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Save Energy

Unplugging electronics and turning off lights are just some of the easy ways one can save energy. Help propel power savings on campus with these easy energy saving tips.

Hit the Switch

Lighting accounts for 15 percent of electricity use on campus. Help reduce energy in your residence hall and on campus by always turning off the lights when leaving a room. Open your blinds during the day to profit from the sun’s natural light or use task lighting instead of overhead lighting.


Pull the Plug

Did you know that your TV uses electricity even when it is turned off? Same goes for your game console, stereo, printer, coffee maker, and any other electronics or appliances that have a standby mode. Unplug these energy vampires when they are not in use, or before leaving for vacation. Better yet, buy a “smart” power strip that automatically turns off these gadgets when not in use.


Computer Catnap

Screensavers use just as much energy as a computer in regular operation, so hibernate or “sleep” your computer when it is not in use. Completely shutting down your computer is another great option to save energy, as well as guarantee the conservation of your computer’s battery.


Power Purchase

Many companies are becoming aware of our society’s need to conserve energy and have begun to produce energy saving products. Some of these products include Energy Star electronics/appliances, EPEAT certified computers, laptops instead of desktops, and CFL and LED light bulbs.


Leaner Laundry

Residence hall washers and driers are already highly efficient but you can save even more energy by washing clothes in cold water and only washing full loads.



If not shut tight, windows and exterior doors can allow excess air to be released to the outdoors. This connection to the outdoors makes the heater or air conditioner work harder, which requires more energy to run. Make sure that windows and doors are shut tight to help reduce energy consumption, and if you find air leaking out of a campus building via a window or door submit a work order to have it looked at and fixed. Work orders can be submitted at:


Save Energy Sustainable Vocabulary

  • Vampire Electricity: energy that is produced from appliances even when they are not in use, but are plugged in. Most vampire appliances and electronics account for about 4-5% of the energy in an average home. Also known as phantom energy.
  • Wind Energy: the process of taking wind, a renewable and plentiful resource, and making it into energy
  • Solar Energy: a source of renewable energy that is provided by the sun.
    • Sage has solar panels that are used to light all the classrooms and heat the water in the building. Blackhawk, Albee, and the heating plant also have solar panels.
    • Task Lighting: lighting used to increase illumination on the reading area, for example desk lamps.
Save Energy Ninja