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  • The first year is the most important year in determining if a student will finish college. National studies show that 42% of students who start college will not earn a degree. Twenty-one percent of students will leave college after their first year.
  • LIFE will provide a supportive yet challenging environment in which students feel safe, satisfied, and will grow and develop.
  • Students in LIFE reported ease in meeting new friends, connecting to campus, maintaining a better GPA, and feeling prepared for their future college years.Content of this page will be posted shortly.




What are the benefits to living in LIFE?

  • Student Staff, Faculty,  and Professional Staff are on hand to help guide students through their first year of college.
  • Direct contact with campus resources, such as: Counseling Center, Undergraduate Advising Resource Center, Writing Center and the Reading/Study Center.
  • LIFE promotes meeting new people, cultivating existing passions and strengthening leadership skills.