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LIFE Mission, Vision, and Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the LIFE (Learning In a First-year Environment) program is to encourage students to explore new life experiences, to become engaged in the campus and Oshkosh community, to achieve a successful transition, and to excel as a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Titan.



Vision Statement

Students who participate in the LIFE program will become engaged, successful, second year students at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.




Students who explore, engage, and excel in the LIFE program…

  • will become knowledgeable about and use the University’s social and personal development resources.
  • will contribute to the University and greater Oshkosh community.
  • will take an active role in their education by using faculty and staff as resources to work toward academic achievement.
  • will become responsible and respectful members of their hall and campus community.
  • will be proud University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Titans.