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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that are usually asked about the LIFE Program.

 How is the LIFE Program residence halls different from the other residence halls?

  • Students who choose to live in Evans, Stewart, Webster, or South Scott Hall will be part of the LIFE Program.  The LIFE Program is a first-year residential living environment that provides special programs and initiatives to further promote campus and community involvement and academic achievement.  These programs and initiatives include, but aren’t limited to, increased staff to student ratio, shared classes, increased faculty interaction, study groups, and partnerships with offices and departments that provide additional support to first-year students.


Is there an additional fee for being part of the LIFE Program?

  • No. Those choosing to live in the LIFE Program residence halls will not need to pay any additional costs above the normal room and board costs that any other resident would pay.


Will I be required to do anything if I am living in the LIFE Program residence halls?

  • While it is highly encouraged for you to participate in and utilize the opportunities that will be made available to you, it is not required for you to participate. The programs, field trips and community service projects will be open to other students on campus as well.


How do I sign up to be part of the LIFE Program?

  • If you choose to attend the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, you will be asked to fill out information in regards to housing. When filling out your online housing contract and selecting a room, please make sure to select a room in Evans, Stewart, Webster, or South Scott Hall.


What if I don’t get into the LIFE Program and I really wanted to be there?

  • Even though you may not live in the LIFE Program residence halls, you may be able to participate in some of the programs that happen with the LIFE Program.  Field Trips, community service projects, and other programs may be open for you to participate in.  There will be some programs that are limited to the residents who live in the buildings, such as floor and hall council sponsored programs.  The LIFE Program will also maintain a waiting list for those students interested in living there.  You may get onto the list by contacting one of the Evans, Stewart, Webster, or South Scott Residence Hall Directors.