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Current Residence Hall Students: Fletcher Triple Room Sign Up



* Current residence hall students may sign up for a Fletcher Hall Triple Room while on Disciplinary Probation if the Disciplinary Probation will end by Labor Day. Residents may not reside in Fletcher Hall while on Disciplinary Probation.

* To be eligible to live in Fletcher each person must be part of a group of three students. A complete roommate group is required to be considered for a Fletcher Hall Triple.

* Current residence hall students can invite transfer students or UWO students to live with them. They must complete the housing application and pay the $150 housing deposit.

* Non residence hall students and transfer students will need to call the Residence Life office prior to the end of the application period and ask to be added to the roommate group. They must know the group name and password to be added to the group.

* Transfer students MUST be accepted to UWO, paid the $100 enrollment fee, and completed the housing application (including the $150 housing deposit). No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Sign up options

A current residence hall student will form a roommate group of three. One person would be chosen as the group leader. The group leader would complete the housing application and form the roommate group, which requires choosing a group name and password within the housing application. The group leader would then give the group name and password to the other two members of the group. This would allow them to add themselves to the group.

If an insufficient number of Fletcher Hall Triple roommate groups are formed during the application period, a secondary roommate group period will be offered for students who were not awarded a Horizon Village suite to reconfigure the group. Reconfigured groups will be issued Fletcher Hall Triple sign up times based on the criteria below until sign up times are exhausted.

Selection Process

Fletcher Hall Triple Rooms will be awarded to the roommate groups that were formed. Due to the anticipated popularity of the Fletcher Hall Triple Rooms and limited quantity available, we will rank order the roommate groups using the following criteria.

1) An average number of semesters lived on campus at UW Oshkosh for the group of three will be calculated. The roommate groups will be ranked ordered based on calculation. If a large number of groups have the same average, we will put all the groups into a hat and draw out the groups randomly to rank order.

2) We will look up each individual in the group to determine if they are on Disciplinary Probation. If any individual within the group is on probation and the probation will not end by Labor Day, the group will be removed from the list and placed on a secondary list. The secondary list will not be used unless we exhaust the first list. Students may sign up for a Fletcher Hall Triple Room while on Disciplinary Probation if the Disciplinary Probation will end by Labor Day.

The timeline for the Fletcher Hall Triple Room sign up process can be found at