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Fletcher Hall Triple Sign Up

The information below outlines the Fletcher Hall triple room sign up process for current residence hall students at UW Oshkosh.

What is a Fletcher Hall Triple Room?

The renovated Fletcher Hall features 20 triple rooms. A triple room is one room designed for three (3) students to share; students will not have an individual bedroom space within the room. The triple rooms in Fletcher Hall are larger than a standard double room, providing ample space for three students. Triple rooms are located in the new addition to the building (near Elmwood) and in the wing near Stewart Hall. Triple rooms are only available to returning residence hall students, current non residence hall UWO students, and incoming transfer students.

Fletcher Hall Triple General Room Sign-Up Timeline/Process

Specific dates and times will be emailed to residents. If interested in a Fletcher Hall Triple, please be on the lookout for the related housing email. 

  • Mid January:
    • Horizon Village/Fletcher Hall triple group sign-up deadline
  • Early February
    • Horizon Village & Fletcher Hall triple Room Selection (for awarded groups only)


What is the process for Horizon Village & Fletcher Hall triples? 

Students wishing to select these spaces must form a roommate group through the housing application. Only groups of 4 students will be eligible for Horizon Village. Only groups of 3 students will be eligible for Fletcher Hall triples. Students may only be in one (1) roommate group. If there is insufficient interest in Fletcher Hall triples, an opportunity will be available for groups not awarded a Horizon Village suite to reconfigure their group for a Fletcher Hall triple.

Students must complete a housing application and form a roommate group by the communicated Horizon Village/Fletcher Hall triple deadline date. After the communicated deadline date, completed groups will be reviewed and groups to be awarded a space will be selected.

Current Fletcher Hall residents will have priority for triple rooms. 

Due to the popularity of Horizon Village and Fletcher Hall triples, we will rank order the roommate groups based on the following criteria:

1) An average number of semesters lived on campus at UW Oshkosh for the group of four/three will be calculated and the roommate groups will be ranked ordered based on that number. If a large number of groups have the same average, we will put all those groups into a hat and draw out the groups randomly to create a rank order.

2) We will look up each individual in the group to determine if they are on Disciplinary Probation. If any individual within the group is on probation and the probation will not end by the first day of fall classes, the group will be removed from the list and placed on a secondary list. The secondary list will not be used unless we exhaust the first list. Students may sign up for Horizon Village or a Fletcher Hall Triple Room while on Disciplinary Probation if the Disciplinary Probation will end by the first day of fall classes.

Residence Life Housing Rates can be found here: