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Green Move In

How to pack:

Pack items in reusable containers such as Tupperware bins, bedding bags, milk crates, suitcases, or boxes from your local grocery or retail store.  If you do use cardboard boxes, get in contact with your local moving company to drop off the boxes for further reuse.


For fragile items, use clothing items, towels, and blankets to wrap them.  Another option would be to wrap items in old newspaper, but remember to recycle the newspaper properly when you have gotten settled in!



Save space:

Printers can be used in all residence halls and computer labs on campus.  There are computer labs in Polk Library as well as multiple academic buildings including: Swart Hall, Halsey Science Center, Radford Hall, and Clow Social Science Center.  Students are allowed a generous print quota.  Also, remember to print double sided to save paper!


Refrigerators and Microwaves are provided in every residence hall room.  With an abundant amount of food options available through use of student meal plans, it is easy for roommates to share refrigerator space.  Not only does this result in less energy use, but it is also one less item to pack!


Consider sharing TV and Gaming Systems with your roommate.  Contact your roommate before arriving on campus to discuss a plan and expectations.  Even when they are turned off, these items use significant amounts of energy by simply being plugged in.


Keep in mind that each residence hall room is equipped with furniture items including two desks, two desk chairs, two beds and two dressers and a set of trash and recycle bins for each resident. According to the Community Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, all furniture must stay in the residence hall rooms at all times.  Avoid bringing additional furniture unless you plan on bringing a futon and/or television stand and have rented lofts through the university.



Useful items to have:

If you decide that you will need a power strip, make sure to purchase one with a surge protector.  To easily save energy, simply plug your computer, iPod, phone charger, and other appliances into the power strip and keep it turned off when these items are not in use or when you leave the room.


Rather than carrying a case of plastic water bottles up to school, consider purchasing a BPA-free reusable water bottle. Brita pitchers are perfect for getting filtered water without the use of harmful plastic water bottles.


If you plan to do your laundry on campus, a laundry bag, detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover will be important items to have in your room.  Consider purchasing eco-friendly laundry products.


Bring a few re-usable tote bags when you go shopping, return books to the library, need to bring extra stuff to a meeting, or head to the gym.   Some handy re-usable bags are easy to fold up and keep in a backpack to use when needed.



Transportation when you are living on campus:

The campus is very walkable (that’s why we hold classes 10 minutes apart).  But, a bike is a great way to get exercise, get to off-campus jobs, or see the town.  You can explore the Wiouwash Trail, city parks, disk golf courses, or even downtown Oshkosh; it will take you only minutes to get to your favorite places.  The Oshkosh Transit System buses all carry bikes so you can get a lift to further destinations (using your Titan ID to ride for free).  Bring a lock and a helmet, and Residence Life can help you register your bike.