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4 Bedroom Suite


Living Room

Couch – a 3 cushion couch will be provided in the common room.

Chair – two over sized chair will be provided in the common room.

End Tables – two end tables will be provided in the common room

TV Stand – A TV stand will be provided for the common room.

Lamps – two lamps will be provided in the common room.

Dining set – a 4 piece dinning set will be provided in the common room.



All items below are provided for each resident.

Bed–  The bed is fully adjustable and comes lofted. There are 82″ in length underneath the loft. The mattress is 33″wide by 80″ long.

Desk – the desk is a metal frame desk that is adjustable.

Desk Chair – The desk chair can be converted into a floor cushion and table if wanted. To convert the chair follow the instructions here.

Dresser – a four drawer dresser is provided for each resident. The dresser will fit in the closet if wanted.




Refrigerator – Each kitchenette will have a full sized refrigerator (18.2 cu. ft.)in it. It will have a freezer on top and refrigerator on the bottom.

Microwave – each kitchenette will also come with a 700 watt microwave.

Sink – In Each kitchenette there will be a sink. The sink has a pull out faucet that will have the spray function.

Other Amenities

Electric Usage Monitor

Each suite will have a monitor in it that the residents will be able to monitor the electric use in that suite.

Heating and Cooling

Each suite will have temperature control in it. Each temperature control is for the entire suite

4 Bedroom Suite layout
4 Bedroom Suite Floor plans




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4 Bedroom Suite view 1
4 Bedroom Suite view 2
4 Bedroom Suite view 3
4 Bedroom Suite view 4
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