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Suite Cleaning

Suite cleaning is up to each resident. The Department of Residence Life has cleaning supplies available to residents that may be checked out at the Horizon Village Front Desk. These will include

  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Disinfectant

Bathroom Cleaning

The custodial staff will come into each suite during Winter Break to sanitize the bathroom & shower facilities. Residents are expected to clean their bathrooms during the semester. In order to have the custodial staff sanitize the bathrooms during winter break the following must happen:

  • All personal items must be removed from the bathroom (with the exception of items stored in the bathroom drawers).
  • The hallway leading to each bathroom must be completely clear to allow for unobstructed access for cleaning carts, etc.
  • This includes the sink area, the shower area or shower room, towel hooks / bars, soaps shampoos, shower caddies and any other personal items brought in i.e. plastic storage drawers, bins, etc.
  • This must be completed prior to custodial staff entering the suite to sanitize the bathrooms

The custodians will not move any person items. If these things are not done the custodian will not clean the bathroom. In the event the bathrooms are not properly prepared, the residents of the suite will be assessed a $100 administrative fee to cover the costs of delayed and/or additional cleaning. Residents will notified of specific dates and time ranges during Winter Break that Custodial staff will be entering suites. Information will be shared via email, hall posters, and in building meetings.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper will be provided to all residents. They may receive additional toilet paper when needed, from the front desk during desk hours, up to two rolls of toilet paper, per suite, per week.

Suite Policies

There are some policies that are unique to Horizon Village. Listed below are the policies that are different from the other Residence Halls. If a policy is not highlighted in this section, than it is the same as the other halls. For a complete listing of all of the Residence Hall policies, please refer to the Community Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.


Because each suite has a kitchenette, those residing in Horizon Village are able to use some kitchen appliances that are not allowed in the other residence halls.  Please note that these appliances are only to be used in the kitchenette area.  Additional permitted appliances include:  pizza makers, slow cookers, and toasters.  If you have questions about additional appliances, please contact the Coordinator of Student Conduct at 920-424-3212.

Suite Capacity

The number of guests in a suite should not exceed 16, including occupants.

Suite Cleaning

The bathrooms and showers in the suites will be cleaned by the custodial staff  on a regular schedule.  It is an expectation that the occupants of the suite clean the bathroom, as needed, in between the custodial staff cleanings.  It is also an expectation that the other areas are cleaned regularly.

When it is your suite’s day for cleaning by the custodial staff, everything must be cleared out of the bathroom and shower.  This includes all towels, soaps, shampoos, etc. If a resident fails to have their bathroom ready for the custodians the suite will receive a fine of $100.

If the custodial staff must spend additional time cleaning because the suite occupants have not been cleaning regularly, the additional time will be charged to the occupants of the suite.

Posting and Doors

In Horizon Village, residents are not allowed to post anything on their doors. Also anything that is hung must be done so with putty or adhesive strips.